Magnificent Murray can go better still

Andy Murray’s phenomenal victory against Rafael Nadal has delivered the prospect of a first British singles Grand Slam winner since Fred Perry way back when tennis players wore long trousers and smoked cigarettes between games.

But never mind the history stuff. What this victory demonstrates is Murray’s fantastic progress in the last six months. His fitness, speed, reactions, shot locker, serve, everything has improved to the extent that he can match and beat the very best in the world.

Peter Fleming called it a ‘coming of age’ and that’s dead right. Murray out-muscled Nadal. I’ve not seen anyone do that before. His power hitting, his accuracy and his doggedness in defence proved a wining combination and it backs up my belief that he will reach number one in the world. Sooner rather than later. Way back in this blog I said he’d be no1 by the time he was 21. Well, he’s reached no4 and he’s lost almost a season through injury too. So I’m feeling relatively smug about my prediction.

Can he beat Federer? Yes. And if he plays like he did against Nadal (the extremely gracious and sporting Nadal, by the way) he will win. Simple as that. Nadal, world no1, had no consistent answer to Murray and Federer will wilt under the bombardmant. But the Swiss has experience and genius on his side. It should be a great US Open Final.

Oh, and a word on the anti-Murray morons. Fine. Have your opinion, just keep it to yourself. Y’know, I support teams who play Scotland at football but that doesn’t stop me supporting a Scot who is flying Britain’s flag whether he hates English football or not. He should do. He’s Scottish for god’s sake. Any parochial little England armchair sports prat who cannot see what a talent we have and is unable to support it needs to wonder why it is that so many British talents never make it.

People like you, that’s why. Because you can’t wait to find fault. Celebrate the success of this justly proud British Scotsman. Examine why he is on his way to the summmit of men’s tennis. Yes he is arrogant. Thank heavens for that. Yes, he is grumpy and unlikeable at times. He’s 21. Jeez. And you know, he isn’t there to make everyone love him. He’s there to win tennis matches. Bloody good at it he is too.

Come on, Andy.

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• September 8th, 2008 • Posted in Tennis • Comments: 0