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This novel, the last in the Chronicles series, caused me the most problems. 2000 was a difficult year, with the sad break up of a long-term relationship and the tragic death of a close friend and writing partner. I’m not looking for sympathy, but mention this because bad times are a double edged sword. On the one hand, they rob you of concentration and sometimes the desire to write (which is profoundly worrying). On the other hand, I found they acted as reminder of the depths of emotion, both positive and negative.

As a result, Nightchild has the best interpersonal scenes I’ve written so far. I’m sure I can do better, but like everything, writing is a never ending learning curve and everything you experience in your life is useful to a greater or lesser degree. This book sees The Raven laid bare at times as a group of people with all the problems, insecurities and desires of anyone else. They may be ‘heroes’ but that doesn’t make them super-human.

Writing this book was difficult and brought with it plenty of anxiety about quality and depth. Now it’s finished, I look on it as a fine achievement and a fitting end to the Chronicles.

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