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Demonstorm is the third and last of the Legends of the Raven and the last book about The Raven (while you should never say never, I have no plans for more) and as such, I was very keen it should live up to what had come before.

As usual, I plunged into the story with no real certainty of where exactly it would go before reaching the conclusion I’d had in my head for ages. It was a real rollercoaster ride for me, trying to make sure I played every character and scene to its best while trying equally hard to avoid slipping into pathos (which I did deliberately once or twice) and overplay.

It was another year in which my job interfered with my writing life (and as I write this, that problem is consigned to the past at least for now). It was also one in which I lost a good friend, Richard Bould, who I had lost touch with and was only re-acquainted with in his last few months during which he lost a long battle with cancer.

It was a book I didn’t want to finish. I knew I’d grown to love Hirad, The Unknown, Denser et al during the years of writing them, but I wasn’t aware quite how much when it came to the last few chapters. The thought of not writing their dialogue and action wasn’t a happy one, even though I had another and hugely exciting project ready to go.

Writing ‘The End’ was a really bitter-sweet moment. Got to say though, I love the result.

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