Vault of Deeds

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This was one of those ideas that just wouldn’t go away. In the midst of writing A Shout For The Dead came an unbidden thought. Happens that way sometimes which is why I go nowhere without my notebook. It was a germ that became a gem to me, having polished it up and let it rattle around in my head and on scraps of paper here and there…

…a comedy. Or if not, a little humorous at the least. It would concern a man whose job it was to chronicle the deeds of his own personal hero but as we join him he is witnessing that hero’s sudden and gory demise. This leaves him all alone on a mountainside swarming with the forces of evil. Right, I thought, away you go.

And out came the Vault of Deeds. Massive thanks to Pete Crowther and PS Publishing for letting it see the light of day, by the way. And to all those reviewers who have liked it so much.

I have to say, I had a wonderful time writing this novella. I found I could indulge myself in silliness. I could include some rotten gags and some quite neat humour. I could get away with anything I wanted because the whole scenario was, frankly, ridiculous and far-fetched. Or was it? It became a minor examination into the consequences of financial impropriety, and of the crimes bitter people will commit just to get back at those who have slighted them.

But mainly, it was a hoot. A scared scribe running about after a gangly hero. A demonic overlord with way too many teeth and a lot, a whole lot, of daft asides.

It was fabulous light relief from the serious stuff that was A Shout For The Dead and then, because finding the time to write it was tough, Ravensoul.

There are times when being an author is even more of a joy than normal. When I thank my lucky stars that I can do stuff like this and get it published. Writing Vault of Deeds was one of those times.

Loved it. Want to do more of it. And I have another idea… hurrah!

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