Please use the form below to send an email to me. I’m really happy to receive comments and questions. I read them all and I will reply as soon as I can – but that might not be for some time, depending on my current schedule. You might get a quicker response on the forum for some subjects but don’t let that stop you writing direct.

Please do not send me anything to read and critique. I do not read unsolicited submissions. I do not have the time to review and comment on them and will not even look at them. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I need to be upfront to avoid disappointment.

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If you have a commercial proposition for James, please contact the appropriate agent or publisher:


Main agent (For rights enquiries across all media)

Robert Kirby, United Agents
Tel: 0203 214 0884

US agent (For US rights enquiries across all media)

Howard Morhaim
The Howard Morhaim Agency
Tel: 001 212 529 4433
Email: tbc

World publishing rights (exc US):

Gollancz Rights Department
Orion Publishing Group
Tel: 020 7240 3444


UK & Commonwealth

Orion Publishing Group
Tel: 020 7240 3444

Titles available: Dawnthief, Noonshade, Nightchild, Elfsorrow, Shadowheart, Demonstorm, Ravensoul, Cry of the Newborn, Shout for the Dead, Elves: Once Walked With Gods, Elves: Rise of the TaiGethen, Elves: Beyond the Mists of Katura.


Bragelonne (first publication in French – trade paperbacks)
Titles available: Aube Mort (Dawnthief), Noir Zenith (Noonshade), Ombre Mage (Nightchild), Sylve L’Armes (Elfsorrow)


La Factoria de Ideas
Titles available: Ladron De La Aurora (Dawnthief), Alas de Sombra (Noonshade)


Titles available: Zauberbann (Dawnthief), November 2004


Titles available: Zlodziej Switu (Dawnthief), Cien W Poludnie (Noonshade)


Titles: Dawnthief, Noonshade (Sorry, don’t have a Cyrillic keyboard…)

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