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'Barclay writes with power, pace and a wonderful sense of humour. Better than that he creates novels you want to read again and again.' David Gemmell

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My first published novel and the first in The Chronicles of The Raven. The writing process was lengthy. It was in production for five years before being accepted for publication. I submitted it all over the place and have the rejection letters to prove it. I guess the lesson is, if you believe in what you’re doing, don’t let anyone put you off.

Dawnthief came from a personal frustration with the pace, style and character matter of other fantasy novels I’d read and has its roots in role playing. I wanted my principal characters to already be the best at what they did and not the classic ‘stable boy becomes hero/king’ types. Having The Raven as mercenaries introduces a moral greyness which means readers can’t assume they’ll always do the ‘right’ thing.

The aim is to entertain readers and for me, the ideal reaction on reading Dawnthief would be ‘bloody good read that, think I’ll buy Noonshade‘ (as opposed to ‘crumbs what a fascinating insight into the human psyche, think I’ll go for a lie down’).

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