Murray on the rise

Adding fuel to my fire of how well Andy Murray is going to do and how much he is going to achieve, Britain’s No.1 has won the San Jose open every night. And yes, I can call him Britain’s No.1… this is not an Englishman claiming a Scot on some spurious pretext. Henman was always Britain’s No.1 too.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m not going to wax too lyrical but what is important about this victory is the manner in which it was achieved. It began iin the semi final against Andy Roddick, where Murray beat the American using a baseline game, the game at which Roddick, top seed for this tournament, excels.

The final against Karlovich was a triumph of intelligent tennis, determination and supreme shot making. Murray refused to panic as the big aces boomed down, instead watching and learning the rhythm of the Croat’s major weapon. He didn’t crumble when going a set and a break down. His belief in his ability to tun the match around led to him continuing the things he does best and grinding his way to parity and then into a lead, reading the serve and making sublime returns at times. What is so encouraging about Andy Murray is his capacity not just to learn fast but to apply that learning on the instant. He won the tournament with an ace of his own having run Karlovich ragged with an all court game. Extremely impressive.

No1 at 21. I’m still going with that.

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• February 19th, 2007 • Posted in Tennis • Comments: 0