De Villiers defends Burger and damns himself after gouging incident

Springboks coach De Villiers defends the indefensible


Having heard the interview that he gave, the only conclusion left to draw is that De Villiers is a deluded egomaniac so puffed up with his own assumed greatness that he cannot separate honest hard rugby from repulsive foul play.

For those not in the know, Burger was found guilty of eye-gouging, surely the worst crime you can commit on a rugby pitch. Never mind that he was not given a straight red card at the time, or that his punishment of an eight week ban is not severe enough, what is truly galling is the reaction of his coach. This poor excuse for a human defended Burger’s actions, saying [and I summarise here] that rugby is a contact sport and that is you don’t like it, go and buy a tutu and do ballet.

De Villiers, you’re a moron if that is what you truly believe. How can you defend an action which could have led to the blinding of another player? Sure, Burger isn’t normally a dirty player but this was no accident. Gouging is never done by accident. Interesting that you have clearly examined the footage with only one-eye yourself if you feel your player’s actions to be above reproach.

It’s clearly time De Villiers left the rugby arena and took up something more suited to his view of the world. Staring at himself in the mirror perhaps.

The second test last Saturday was a fantastic game of rugby and it’s rather sad this issue has overtaken that fact.

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