London terrorist attacks

There are going to be a lot of blogs posted about this. It was a terrible day for London and indeed the whole of the UK and like us all, I offer my symapthy to the families of all those who lost thier lives yesterday, and hope all those injured can recover. I also have to say that from what I was seeing on the television, the emergency services and ordinary members of the public were absolutely magnificent.

I just want to point out one thing and I do think this needs to be a message passed on time and again by the authorities until it gets through to absolutely everyone…

These terrorists have nothing to do with Islam and muslims. They hide behind it. All cowards have to find a place to hide and false justification for their actions. Islam is a peaceful and accepting religion. To think that it condones the murder of innocents is a ludicrous notion. All these people are is murderers. Simple, really. They hate and so they kill. Their action is beneath contempt.

So let’s not point the finger at muslims as a whole. This is an act by a few individuals and is not the fault of an entire community or religion. Yes there are rotten apples in the barrel, but that is the case everywhere and who claim to support every religion. Even yours. Don’t want to lecture, I just don’t want people to hate completely innocent people because terrorists hide behind their religion.

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• July 8th, 2005 • Posted in News • Comments: 0