Just a quick note about www.storycode.com.

It’s been set up by an old friend of mine, Dave Mutton, in concert with a team of people he’s worked with over many years of internet business.

In essence, for readers, it’s a way of getting recommendations for books to read. We’ve all been there. Wondering what to read when we’ve turned the last page of a really superb book. Well, in StoryCode, you can enter the name of that book and pick up recommendations of other books you might like. Parameters are based on plot, character, atmosphere, age… many things too numerous to mention.

But it needs reader input (no such thing as a free lunch, right?) Readers code the books they have read to build up the database. The more people who code, the more comprehensive the database and the more accurate the recommendations.

Get along and take a look. Doesn’t take long to code a book. Support it now and you’ll benefit in the long run… And it’s a bloody good idea.

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• April 22nd, 2005 • Posted in News • Comments: 0