How long since you've posted Barclay?

A long time. Thank you, Neill Flux, for pointing it out. I’ll probably cry into my beer and bemoan my pressured life when next we meet and you will merely laugh and remind me that compared to you, I live a life far better than that fella Reilly that people are always quoting.

Frankly, when approaching the last few weeks of a novel writing year, things like journals do take a back seat. I should really rename this thing an ‘Occasio-nal’ or something similar.

At least the book is going supremely well right now. I reached that time a while back when someone turned on the light and suddenly, I could see where I was trying to go. And the characters I was struggling to understand wandered up, put friendly arms around my shoulders and explained to me exactly who they were and what they wanted.

Gawd bless ‘em. And people like Neill for keeping me anchored to the real world.

Next entry into the Occasio-nal will be… err.. soon? Or failing that, when I feel like it. Whichever is the sooner.

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• November 23rd, 2004 • Posted in News • Comments: 0