The benefit of introspection

I wrote at the end of August about a crisis of confidence and the examination of the work I’d done on my new book. It was an uncomfortable exercise but, ultimately, has been very valuable.

Not least in my mind has been the benefit of being that bit inward looking, even if only briefly. It’s like a sanity check. There you go, writing away and thinking it’s all good for the final draft and then you get the alarm, look back and begin to question.

It’s been an education. First, it’s made me question, critique and improve the overall structure of the novel. Second, it’s forced me to examine the characters, how they develop on the page rather than how I imagine them to have done. And third, it’s given me enormous fresh impetus. It’s like seeing the path after the mist has risen. It’s shown me I can achieve what I want and know how to get there.

In short, a little introspection has been a massive benefit. What’s that cliche about stepping back to go forward. True in this instance.

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• September 15th, 2004 • Posted in News • Comments: 0