Another month has gone by and no entry in the journal. It’s a damned poor show. I’d like everyone to know that I’ll be having a very stern word with myself, probably over a couple of pints. The stern word will become a piece of friendly advice after pint four and, come pint six, I’ll love everyone, tell them so, and then not be able to remember why I went to the pub in the first place. Job done.

Two quick things – Toronto was a good trip indeed. Enjoyed the panels, the people I met and the city itself, friendly and unfussy. Some attendeed could do with losing a little weight mind you… All right, a shed load of weight.

The other quick thing… the France tour is coming up soon – all the details are on the publisher’s website – www.bragelonne.fr . Take a peek there. When I get actual times as well as dates and venues, I’ll post them here.

Soon enough, I’ll be back for a trademark rant about something that has assumed enormous importance in my mind… people that drop chewing gum, let their dogs crap outside my front gate and share the power of their car stereos with me at 1am even though I’m asleep will be scared now, I bet… (probably all the same people).

More important than all that stuff, I’ll be seeing Richard Bould again soon (hopefully in a week’s time). Another update coming soon… keep those positive thoughts flowing.

Take it easy all.

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• September 22nd, 2003 • Posted in News • Comments: 0