I'm back…

I’ve been absent a while but you’ve got to take a break sometime. Thanks to those who’ve emailed to wonder what’s been going on. Just a quick note for one emailer— Joseph Mugrave. I’ve tried to reply to your mail but your email address isn’t working. Send another if you still want a reply.

Toronto Bound

Torcon is coming up this weekend and I’m off there for the duration. Looking forward to it. I’m on a few panels and down to do a signing and a reading. Add that to catching up with a few friends, heading for Niagara and no doubt the shops, and it all makes for a fine few days. Anyone heading to Torcon, don’t forget to look me up.

Tour de France

This is the real thing, not that half-baked pedal through the flat French countryside… I’m due to be in France 9th-20th October. I’ve no dates and venues right now but should be a good trip. I’ll get time for a little rest and to some places in France I’ve not visited before. There’s a convention in Paris at the back end of the trip too.

Richard Bould

There’s a bitter-sweet feel to the internet sometimes. I put a note in this journal trying to find Richard Bould. The good news is, I found him. Much less good is that he’s in hospital undergoing chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer. I went to see him on Saturday. He’s recovering which is great and is expected to make a complete recovery – he’s got such a strong character and has retained his wonderful sense of humour. That’ll see him through and the support of his family. All your friends are thinking of you, Bouldy, and looking forward to the day you get out of hospital and back to where you belong.

Updating the website

Yep, there’s work to do there. I’ll be on to it in the next few weeks, honest. I can already feel webmaster Ariel begin to shudder…

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