Irritation, Meldrew, Film

Irritation: getting a head of steam up for writing and then catching a cold that leaves you listless and bereft of motivation. The question is, is this the mental version of ‘over-training?’ Bloody frustrating whatever it is.

Meldrew: I would like to remind mobile phone users that when making or receiving calls, you do not get the automatic right to abdicate from society, however temporarily. This means, when you stop in the street, make abrupt turns and slow without any warning meaning others knock you, it is your fault. Pointing at your phone and saying ‘can’t you see I’m on the phone?’ doesn’t work. Your call, your responsibility. There are tens of millions of the damn things in this country and you being on one doesn’t make you in any way special or important.

Film: Ghostbusters. At least I had the energy to slap in this dvd and remind myself what a fine film this is. A great set of one-liners, some excellent comic acting and Sigourney Weaver in temptress mode. ‘Back off man, I’m a scientist.’ It’s almost worth getting a science degree just to be able to say that line credibly…

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