Project update

Shadowheart – out 17th July. Trendy new cover design for it and all Raven books.

Raven book six – tripping along just right. Very keen to make this the best one as it might (and never say never) be the last.

Raven film treatment – taking a back seat at the moment (sorry Richard but the wait will go on a month or so, I think)

New novels project – loads of ideas and potential. Still fantasy of course. Abandoning the genre is not an option. I think it might be big

Joint writing project – one play down and in the locker for now. It’s got used as a tester for the main event which is underway right now. It’s contemporary and if we can get it right, has a very bright future. You read it here first.

The weekend’s sport – three out of four wasn’t bad. And I have to say Cardiff deserved their promotion. Congratulations to all the play off winners. I was where all Wolves fans are now just three years ago. Dear Lord, but it’s a sweet feeling. Ipswich next season? Straight promotion if the squad stays together. Play-offs….nnnnnnnnn… while it is sweet to win, nothing is as bad as losing and facing that next long hard season back in the wrong division. Still managed to get a good slug of work done mind. Probably because we rolled the Kiwis over in three days at Lords.

Today’s shock – girl has bath NAKED. What next in the epoch making, culture shaking Big Brother? (And I still am picking all this up from the media…)

Today’s whinge, or ‘Meldrew’ as it should probably be called (and for any who haven’t seen One Foot In The Grave, an occasionally brilliant comedy, Victor Medrew is the name of the lead character. It’s litter. What is it about London and those that live in it (and I’m probably actually talking about most places in this ought-to-be-beautiful country) that means litter lies everywhere. One prime example that is frankly depressing is Paddington Green, a well-tended patch of pathed lawn I have occasion to walk across from time to time. Every time I happen by, it has paper and plastic strewn about it. And this in a place with more bins per square foot than is actually necessary. The thing is, it is actually impossible to leave the Green without walkng past a bin.

Unfortunately, the trouble seems to be either straight lack of respect for the environment, which is bad, or lack of respect for those wanting to enjoy the place after you’ve dumped your crap on the grass there, which is probably worse. I get the feeling habitual litterers have the notion that someone else will clean up after them so it isn’t their problem. (Guess who’ll be the first to complain about the rats, foxes and other urban vermin?) And that is most worrying of all as it points to so much that is wrong in a society where increasingly, people are unable or unwilling to take responsibility for themselves or their actions. Someone else should deal with it or someone else is to blame… I may come back to this ill later on in the blog but it’s a subject that might lead to essay length entries.

Juat take your litter to the nearest bin or take it home. No one else wants to see it. I shall now climb off my soapbox.

Film talk – I saw ‘Changing Lanes’ this weekend. Ben Affleck and the excellent Samuel L Jackson (I may have said Morgan Freeman in an earlier life but that is merely senility kicking in. I have been memory-challenged all week). Cracking film. I’m not going to precis it, just rent it.


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