Good news for those waiting for Light Stealer – it's out!!!

I’ve had an email from the publishers and the book is ready and will no doubt be mailed to all those who have put in their orders and waited so patiently – I hope you enjoy it. For those interested, go to

I was looking down my last post and read my own whinge about fantasy deathmatches. Blimey, I must have had a miserable sod half hour. Yes, they are pointless and sometimes silly but that doesn’t stop them being entertaining in moderation. But if you are sending me one, be prepared for a short answer if I have no opinion…

Today’s opinion – reality TV is hastening the trivialisation of our society. And it doesn’t need any help getting there. It isn’t even as high brow as pulp culture, it’s just crap, giving for the most part talentless exhibitionists air time for which I resent paying my licence. Discuss.

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• March 9th, 2003 • Posted in News • Comments: 0