Shadowheart review

So, here it is, the Elitist Books review of the US edition of Shadowheart. That makes it sound really different from the UK version but of course, all the words are the same. Ahem. The cover though, that’s different and it’s another storming effort from Raymond Swanland (and just you wait for the covers of the last two books… oh my).

As you all know by now, Elitist Books know EXACTLY what they’re talking about. Here’s a quick excerpt for you:

SHADOWHEART is a full, full novel. Barclay does a fantastic job of showing how betrayed The Raven feel throughout everything. No matter what they do, or how many they save, they are still hunted for the power they hold and represent.

The goodness that is the full review can be found right here. Read, enjoy and then race out/to the PC and buy your copy and get everyone you know to do likewise (that includes the 768 best mates you’ve got on Facebook). Bloody hell, am I funny or what?

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