New PS Publishing novella underway

Work has begun on new PS Publishing novella. This time it’s a departure from the land of Balaia where the first one was set. Says James: ‘I’ve had this idea for a comedy knocking around my head for quite a while now. I knew it wouldn’t make a full novel so when Pete Crowther at PS invited me to write another novella, the opportunity was too good to pass up.’

This will be James’ first stab at comedy in the fantasy genre. It’s about a problem in a classic fantasy world. The evil guys are killing the heroes. It simply won’t do. Something fishy is going on and it’s got nothing to do with the latest hero eau de toilette. Yellowjack, Hero scribe and a man worried about his future career prospects (oh, and the fate of the land but you have to get your priorities straight) decides to investigate. And in a way, he is right and courageous to take that decision. In every other way, you know, the ones involving danger to life, limb, mind and personal belongings, that sort of thing, it is a very stupid decision indeed.

No publication date set as yet.

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• April 14th, 2005 • Posted in News • Comments: 0