Cover art: Rise of the TaiGethen

Look and love. Here’s the artwork for Elves book 2 – Rise of the TaiGethen. It is absolutely stunning. For me this is a pretty much perfect representation of a TaiGethen warrior. Not the sort of chap you want to be on your tail. Not that you’d know he was on your tail of course. Not until the very, very last moments of your life…

Gollancz art department… please take a bow.

Comments and thoughts welcome.

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11 Responses to “Cover art: Rise of the TaiGethen”

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  2. Kevin says:

    Very nice – looking forward to this series

  3. Dave M says:

    Looks awesome!!

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  5. Yosephia says:

    I was so happy, when I read, that there will be books about the TaiGethen! Thank you, James Barclay! Thank you very much!

  6. Dave Rapoza says:

    Hey James! Had a lot of fun working on that cover(and the last for that matter!), just went searching to see if the art was released :). Really glad you liked it man! Hope the book does well!

    Thanks for posting it up!

  7. James says:

    Hi Dave. Good to see you here. There are few covers that I feel moved to make such a noise about (though I’ve liked every cover I’ve had on a book so far). But this one, you absolutely nailed. Inspirational stuff. It’ll be a year before we see the book in print but if I can match your quality on the inside, we’ll have a winner. I trust you’ll be doing the third one as well…? James

  8. Dave Rapoza says:

    Hey James,

    Thanks man! Yea, I’ll do it, just so long as they ask haha :). Has the first book been released yet?

  9. James says:

    It’s out on 19th August. I expect everyone in the entire world to go out and buy it. Got to aim high, right?

  10. Nick Brett says:

    Just finished it and have posted my review up on Amazon….
    Very enjoyable although I had to get my head around the timelines a little bit, but already looking forward to the next one and I think the cover looks fantastic.

  11. Barry Gibbons says:

    I’ve just finished reading ‘Once walked with Gods’ and it was just as enjoyable to read as the Raven series was, I have been really looking forward to these books for over two years since you told mr about your plans for them in an email haha.
    I can’t wait for the new book to come out

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