Elfsorrow and PS Publishing update

Elfsorrow hits the shelves August 15th

The new Raven adventure and fist novel in the Legends of The Raven series is published on Thursday 15th August, just in time for many of you to take away to whichever sun-drenched beach you’re heading for this holiday. And you can read an extract from the dramatic opening chapter, here.

Following on from the events of Nightchild (and not filling in history as some seemed to think!) Elfsorrow takes The Raven to another continent in their continuing struggle to return Balaia to peace. The book throws light on the elven nation and throws up a new take on the popular forest-dwelling fantasy staple race.

Says James, ‘I’ve enjoyed focusing on the elves in Elfsorrow. While I deliberately haven’t drifted a million miles away from some conventions surrounding them (or they wouldn’t be elves, would they?) I’ve tried to bring some fresh ideas to elves, particularly in terms of their religion, history, longevity oh, and their ability to kick the crap out of their enemies.’

PS Publishing update

‘After a long and diligent search, we’ve found someone to write the introduction piece for Light Stealer, my PS Publishing novella,’ notes James. ‘While I can’t give a publication date just yet, this does being that date a good deal closer. I’m delighted with who is writing the piece. One day, I might even tell you who it is.’ Looks like those drumming their fingers waiting for the novella – which deals with Septern, the man who invented Dawnthief – won’t have to wait too much longer.

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