A deed being done

It’s a strange thing, having delivered the first volume of The Ascendants of Estorea. There’s still much to be done on it of course. Editing, copy editing, final proofing etc and blah. But for now, a brief haitus. It’s great because I can finally catch up on emails, my website forum, a film script I’m writing with a friend and various other bits ‘n’ pieces. But there are also those times when I get a pang of guilt and wonder why I’m not staring at one chapter or other of the book just done.

I could begin planning the next one in detail but that seems a trifle premature for whatever reason. It won’t stay that way for long, mind you. Time will begin to press very soon.

But until then, I’m trying to enjoy this free time and not always succeeding. Like I say, strange. It’s all to do with the book having been part of me for so long. It’s not like losing a limb, more like putting something down and not remembering for a while exactly where you left it. If that makes sense.

I love the result, by the way. The story, characters, structure, everything. It will improve more before the print button is pressed but as a submission draft, it is my best yet. Am already having a few thoughts about improving the final chapter…

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• February 22nd, 2005 • Posted in News • Comments: 0