Richmond and CO2 charging

We read that Richmond Borough Council (which includes my part of Teddington) plan to increase resident parking charges for those evil folk who drive gas guzzling cars. I wanted to check a few things so have just written to Councillor Lourie. I thought I’d share the text with you…

Dear Mr Lourie,

I have read about the plans to charge higher resident parking fees for ‘4x4s and other gas guzzling cars’ with interest. I’m all for action on emissions. Indeed when I bought my 4×4, I made sure that it’s emissions were in line with most normal family saloons, same goes for its fuel economy and safety rating. I have off road parking so in my quiet corner of Teddington I actually won’t suffer from increased resident parking charges.

That does not stop me being really worried about the basis for imposing these charges so I just wanted to check that you were going to be scrupulously fair about their imposition. Not being apprised with how you will determine which vehicles should be charged your proposed increases, I am assuming that what you will do is physically measure the CO2 output of every single car applying for a resident’s parking permit within the borough rather than just go by the manufacturer’s stated emissions. At the least, you will be asking that any vehicle requiring an MOT provides proper recent measurement of their current emissions status.

As I’m sure you’re aware, poorly maintained cars, those that are simply a good number of years old, many vans, mini-buses, diesel vehicles old and new to name but a few, can emit CO2 far in excess of anything pumped out by many modern 4x4s. I know as a member of Richmond Council you will want to impose any rules and higher charges fairly and not discriminate on the basis of any popularist assumptions.

Please confirm that will be the case and outline same for public consumption.

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• January 16th, 2007 • Posted in News • Comments: 0