This should worry every football fan

This is, or should be, of deep concern. Sven Goran Erikson’s possible departure could easily be the tip of the iceberg. I’m talking about rich owners of football clubs being utterly unable to see the facts in front of their face. The Thai bloke (and I won’t quote his name as that might denote some form of respect for him) who owns Man City is demonstrating confounding ignorance. What Sven has done is turn a relegation threatened club into one that plays attractive football and will finish the season comfortably inside the top ten. This is a platform that gives the club real potential to get into Europe next season. Thai bloke apparently expected Europe, or maybe a cup or two, in his first season as owner. Pratt. Rather than applaud the progress, invest a little more and get a club built on strength, belief and respect, he is going to undermine a decent season and start again from scratch. I’d say I hope they fail next season but I don’t bear Man City fans, the victims of this, such ill-fortune.

And perhaps as worrying are the rumblings that Avram Grant might be removed from the Chelsea helm if he doesn’t win the Champions League. WHAT?? I despair. Into the last two games Chelsea are still in the Premiership race. He made the Carling Cup final and is in the final of the Champs league. How can this not be good enough for a man in his first season in charge? Dear God, save us from stupid club owners. Have neither of these people looked at why it is the Man Utd and Arsenal are so consistently successful? And why it is that Aston Villa are making quietly impressive progress?

It worries me because some are treating clubs like personal play things. Meddling in matters they plainly don’t understand and displaying childish impatience that makes them unfit to be owners of our biggest clubs. As more and more clubs are sold to the super rich the problem will only get worse. And what no one wants to think about is what happens when these children tire of their toys and look for something newer and shinier to play with…

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• May 1st, 2008 • Posted in Football • Comments: 0