Don’t sack Mac

Stuart Pearce among many others is standing in support of Steve Maclaren. And, amazed though I am given my stance earlier in his tenure, I am too. We desperately need long-term continuity in the England set up. We’ve cast off the dull tired and negative tactics of Sven and have in recent games looked a decent side. Five straight 3-0 wins is good. Yes, losing to Russia was very disappointing but we look a side playing with some definable shape and purpose now. And we are scoring plenty of goals.

It is traditional to call for the manager’s head at times like this and Mac did have a slow start. But he’s into his stride now and dumping him will not help anyone. And who will do a better job? Martin O’Neill. Well, possibly but does he want it? And it isnn’t like Villa are challenging for the title. And don’t anybody say ‘well he doesn’t have the players’ because it is exactly that situation he will face with England. Jose Mourinho? Dear God, no. I do not want that strutting peacock in charge of my national side. Just because a man can win championships by spending piles of cash does not make him good international material. National managers have a limited pool of talent. You cannot buy in any more. Unless you’re Irish and keen on geneaology perhaps. That’s why Bobby Robson was such a good manager. He never had the money to spend at Ipswich and so had to know how to get the best out of the squad available to him. Think about it.

Anyone else? Errrm. Not a host of names are there? Hiddink is too old and cynical, Klinsmann is a German and Wenger doesn’t even know that the English have football players of their own. A knee-jerk sacking only benefits the appetite of the press for blood. If they wanted him sacked, they should have shouted louder after the 0-0 against Macedonia at home. That was where this campaign went wrong. And if he goes and the ‘best man’ whoever he is, tells the FA to go forth, what then? Another bloody shambles.

Leave it be. Let him take on the next World Cup campaign and please, please, remember this. England aren’t that great. Good on their day but no strength in depth and a confidence that is wafer thin.

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5 Responses to “Don’t sack Mac”

  1. Eter Pedney says:

    Years of supporting East Anglia’s second club has obviously affected your judgement. Replace Mac now and do us all a favour. In terms of who should take his place – all I need to say is ‘Get the Chelsea out of Leeds’! Be assured you can have both Denis and Ken – we will march on without them back to the Premiership. As for England, disappointment is never far away so at least with them in charge we will be put out of our misery early in Euro 2008.

    By the way – you dance like a girl!

  2. JamesB says:

    Ah, Mr Pedney. A heart-warming and much expected Leeds fan type response. As you know, it doesn’t matter who is in charge of the England team, we will come home one match too early (at least) and curse our misfortune.

    Just watch this space with Big Mac. Assuming he doesn’t have another brain away day like against Austria where in a meaningless match he risked all our best fit players and lost the one most likely to score, we will qualify and England will do well in 2008. Win? On four decades of history, that is unliely but at least we look interested these days.

    And when Denis Wise becomes England manager, I will be supporting roller-hockey or dressage of something of that nature.

    And you dance like a street lamp. So ner.

  3. weenie says:

    When England don’t perform these days, it is very easy to get caught up in the media frenzy and say ‘Maclaren Out!’ But like you say, who else is there? I just hope he can learn from his mistakes.

  4. Adrian Tate says:

    Ah Barkers – good to have you back online. I was worried that the RWC Final defeat had knocked you out of your stride with such a long time since a post. I’m trying to forget the “heroic” title defence but have a sweet SA girl I employed earlier in the year to remind me!

    Thank goodness I can turn to football – my true passion! I am in agreement that there really is nobody else for the England job. I recall Peter Taylor (now ex of Palace) once being touted as the great hope and now he’s gone to Stevenage! Let the Ginger One guide us to Euro 2008 triumph.

  5. JamesB says:

    Tatey, my friend, good to see you posting. No, the RWC didn’t make me hide. Being behind on the new book did that. South Africa won deservedly. The only team to win all their matches. Worthy world champs.

    And now Mac has let us all down. See the new post… too gutted for clever words.

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