England in shock ‘attack’ tactics against Estonia

It’s funny, it really is. But the reports that England are to go on the offensive against Estonia tonight are actually being sold to us as something exciting rather than the utterly bleeding obvious. That incisive man, Steve Maclaren has come to the astonishing conclusion that a) we have to win tonight and, b) attacking from the outset might help achieve a). For God’s sake, any other tactic should mean his immediate sacking and imprisonment. Any other result than a win should see the same punishment meted out.

Estonia have lost all their qualifying games so far and have not managed a single goal. Never mind merely an attacking formation. Given that the oppo are unlikely to advance over the halfway line without cotton wool in their nostrils, we should go at them like it’s a club game on a cold February afternoon. We should be aiming to score at least six. This is not rocket science and it is not disrespectful to Estonia. Fact is, they are not in our class and should be dispatched accordingly. Goal difference could be crucial given our pathetic performance thus far.

Oh, and come on you FAROES!

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2 Responses to “England in shock ‘attack’ tactics against Estonia”

  1. weenie says:

    Well, not a brilliant performance but can’t sniff at 3 goals to nil. Am glad Beckham was recalled to the side – whilst he’s not part of the future of the England team, he was brought in to do a job and you know he’ll give it his best. Midfield of Gerrard and Lampard still needs sorting though.

  2. JamesB says:

    I agree. A solid show against below par opposition. Beckham’s passing and crossing hides other failings and you put your finger on the main one. I still don’t think they can play in the same team. And Gerrard is the better player.

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• June 6th, 2007 • Posted in Football • Comments: 2