It’s all about money, of course

Let’s be quite clear about this. The reason this Tevez and West Ham affair won’t go away is purely money driven. Had the Hammers been relegated, there would have been much sage nodding about just desert and that would have been that. They didn’t and hence someone else is losing money. More than that, any club that finishes above West Ham should they be deducted points will earn more from their elevated position. I know some of those jumping on the bad wagon aren’t affected this way but talk is easy and morals are cheap hits in the PR of football.

Sheff Utd’s chairman said: ‘I feel cheated because losing to Wigan wasn’t the root cause of our relegation.’ Damn right it wasn’t. It was because you didn’t score 39 points in 38 games. It was because you lost heavily at times in the season and so your goal difference was one worse than Wigan’s if you lost to them 2-1. It has little to do with Tevez and West Ham. I have no axe to grind with Sheff Utd. it is sad for any club (barring Norwich) to be relegated. But you’re just clutching at straws here. The Premier league could have levied a points deduction, they were not obliged to do so, and they didn’t. I can’t see legal action working unless West Ham are found to have provided false information. There lies your only hope and for the sake of the tattered remnants of the game’s honour, I pray it is a forlorn one.

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• May 14th, 2007 • Posted in Football • Comments: 0