Jewell sparkles in tawdry affair

The desperation to stay in the Premiership plumbed new depths with the news that several struggling clubs were considering legal action over the West Ham and Carlos Tevez affair. This is more of the same. All of a sudden beleaguered Chairmen and managers have another straw at which to grasp. Surely the Tevez (and Mascherano) deal requires West Ham to be docked points? And in passing and by pure coincidence relegating them and saving Wigan, Fulham and Sheffield United. Too late, alas, for poor Charlton.

The light is switched back on. All of their problems this season can be laid at hte blame of one footballer who didn’t want to play for West Ham and went to Liverpool, and another who is admittedly very good but who has had little critical impact until the last few matches. Funny that West Ham’s resurgence conincided with the whole team starting to play the Curbishley way. This is overlooked by the strugglers who all forget that you only play West Ham twice. Still, doesn’t stop the blinkered gazing to Upton Park to lay blame as opposed to the ground at their feet.

I find this whole saga rather pathetic. None of these clubs would give a monkeys if they were safe from the drop. None of them raised a legal eyebrow at the start of the season. It’s like school boys moaning that it isn’t fair having not consulted the rules. Rules, incidentally, that they agreed on themselves. All of them have missed the point. Only Wigan manager, Paul Jewell sees it how it is. It’s nothing to do with Carlos Tevez, he said, in summary. It’s to do with us (Wigan) not playing well enough and winning enough games throughout the whole of the season. Well said from the only man to come out of this thing with any credit in the discordant chorus of whining and crying from other allegedly grown men.

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6 Responses to “Jewell sparkles in tawdry affair”

  1. weenie says:

    I heard there’s a conspiracy afoot – that Sheffield United will allow Wigan to beat them, thus ensuring both are safe, since there’s no way the Hammers can beat Man United… or can they??

  2. JamesB says:

    If that’s true it’s a high-risk strategy for Sheff Utd. If I was Neil Warnock, I’d be wanting my players to go and thrash the hides off Wigan and damn them to the Championship. No room for deals and mercy.

    And a draw is all the Hammers need. Lovely little conspiracy mind you, thanks for the info.

    We await the weekend with much anticipation. Real drama on a Sunday afternoon (to accompany the unbearable play-off drama). It’s going to be quite something.

  3. weenie says:

    What a stunning end to the season, I really did not think that it would be Sheffield United going down but Jewell’s delight was a sight to behold! And for Tevez to score the winning goal at Old Trafford – who could have written a better script!?

    I just hope all this suing/legal shenanigans will stop very soon…

  4. JamesB says:

    Fantastic, wasn’t it? It’s why football remains such a magnificent sport. It is pure, live drama. Amazing stuff.

    Legal rumblings will run on. And after all that, Jewell has resigned, conincidentally on the same day Man City sack Stuart Pearce. Hmmm

  5. weenie says:

    Hmm…wonder if Pearce had gone earlier, Big Sam could have waltzed in, without having to move his family up northeast….? Is there still time for him to change his mind, I wonder…

  6. JamesB says:

    The bookies still had Big Sam at 16-1 last night to take the Man City job. Either is tough. Both big clubs, massive fan base, huge expectations and huge under-achievers.

    I see that Warnock wants to stay managing in the Prem. Perhaps Man City will snap him up instead :)

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