England vs Israel

I was away so didn’t post directly after the match. Had I been home, I still wouldn’t have done so. You know I watched more of a meaningless World Cup cricket group game in the end since it was the only way to lower my blood pressure.

Israel were a poor side. A couple of decent players but a poor side. England were far poorer given the ability our players are supposed to have. It was a diabolical performance. Anyone taking any positives out of it for England needs to be shot until it really hurts. I could not believe Maclaren standing there saying we should have won but for not scoring a goal. That it was only the goals that were lacking.

Give me strength. The reason there were no goals was because the creativity, passing, movement and imagination were all utterly absent. Football is about scoring goals, Steve. That’s how you win games. I’m going to open a restaurant and serve you a meal. Except there won’t be any food. I hope you understand, Steve that the food was all that was lacking from your meal.


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2 Responses to “England vs Israel”

  1. Ariel says:

    And then only 3-0 in the Andorra match. Should have been 15… by half-time.

    Did you hear the crowd when they got going with the chants of “One David Beckham, there’s only One David Beckham…” :)

  2. JamesB says:

    Should have been fifteen but we didn’t look like scoring any. It was laughably bad in the first half and I didn’t even watch the second half. Dropping Becks was a big mistake. At least he has heart if not pace.

    South Africa vs Sri Lanka in the cricket was a far more exciting match . Actually, come the end, it was an amazing match but that’s another blog.

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