You really are a prat, sometimes, Jose

Take a look at this piece from the arch publicity seeker himself.

Here, encapsulated, is why I am driven mad by the tunnel-vision of football managers. Here goes the ‘special one’, handing out criticism while being unable to draw parallels with his own team. Nestled in the piece is a bit about diving…

It was the statement that Man Utd have won the odd game (at least) due to the diving antics of Christiano Ronaldo. And maybe they have. Ronaldo does fall down easily. I’m not defending him. But the clear inference is that Chelsea do not benefit from such behaviour. I have two words for you Jose: Arjen Robben. A man in the blue shirt of Chelsea who is surely knocked over by falling autumn leaves such is his paucity of strength and balance.

And both players are far too good to need to dive which is another story entirely and please don’t get me started on that or I’ll develop a Homer Simpson-sized stress bump. Oh just a bit then… have some pride, damn you. Most of us would sacrifice close relatives to be blessed with your skill. So why are you in such a hurry to drop to the ground rather than show it off at every possible moment? And more often than not you chose to drop like a snared weasel when to stay on your feet would be so much more advantageous. Develop some backbone, please.

Oh and finally, Jose, every team wins games they don’t deserve. That’s how teams win titles and trophies. Like you did on Sunday. Work it out.

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• February 27th, 2007 • Posted in Football • Comments: 0