Jewell gets it so wrong

Who cares if it was a penalty in that game on Sunday between Wigan and Arsenal? Wigan’s manager, Paul Jewell is raging at the wrong man. For those that didn’t see it, Emile Heskey went down in the box after powder puff contact with Arsenal’s Flamini. It might technically have been a penalty but the point is this.

All Heskey had to do was keep on running and he would have had a clear shot on goal from closer than 12 yards. He would probably have scored. Instead, he chose to fall over. I absolutely refuse to believe that the contact with Flamini was enough to unbalance him. But Heskey is famous for this. He is a big, strong man but appears to have all the balance of a new born foal on an ice rink. He spends more time on his arse than his feet some games. Sad, really.

So, Mr Jewell, whether or not a penalty should have been given is actually neither here nor there. There should have been no decision to make. Rage at Heskey. Implore him, no, order him, to stay on his feet. He will score more goals and you will win more games. Look inside for the answers to your problems and stop bleating about refs.

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• February 13th, 2007 • Posted in Football • Comments: 0