Liverpool 3, Arsenal 6

I’d like to think that I will not rant on such things as this too much but, honestly. The long faces, tragedy-stricken expressions and acres of column inches devoted to one particular element of this match might make the uninitiated think there had been a planet-wide disaster.

And that disaster is, apparently, Liverpool shipping six goals at Anfield for the first time in 70 years. Big bloody deal. Ian Rush, who does a very good long face, appeared as if someone had massacred his entire extended family and implied that it shouldn’t be allowed for oppo teams to score so many at Anfield. Like this smear on the club’s stats should be illegal, certainly expunged from the collective consciousness and possibly that the perpetrators rounded up and shot for insulting the fans on the Kop. There is no doubt that I, and the rest of the football watching public, am being asked to feel terribly sorry for the poor old ‘pool.

Why does this get my goat? I’ll tell you why. A couple of seasons ago, Liverpool beat Ipswich Town 6-0 at Portman Road. It snuffed out a recovery and signalled our slide out of the premiership. We got relegated, lost £30 million and went into administration. I don’t recall us beating our breasts, wailing or gnashing our teeth. Or anyone feeling sorry for us. Nor should they.

Liverpool, on Tuesday night, got knocked out of a relatively pointless cup competition. GET OVER IT.

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4 Responses to “Liverpool 3, Arsenal 6”

  1. Ariel says:

    Hear, hear! And ‘knocked out’ is still preferable to ‘thrown out for an honest mistake’, whatever the scoreline, any day of the week.

    Bury fan (and still angry)

  2. Max Power says:

    Whilst I am truly upset about the hammering we took, it’s not like we even put out our strongest team!!! It is times like this when I do feel sorry for my friends who support ‘lesser’ teams for whom success is an entirely different word.

  3. Malcolm Edwards says:

    And by my reckoning, a 6-3 scoreline means they only lost by three goals. Happens to most teams all the time. Their record home defeat — 6-0 against Sunderland — remains happily intact.

  4. W Montanaro says:

    Absolutely. I did notice the fact that liverpool fans have this kind of superiority complex going on. It annoys me hugely! Ok, so you have a fantastic history, but at the end of the day we are all fans for different reasons, not because 100 years ago our club was the best in the world. I don’t like it when fans simply say “my club is the best in the world” what a stupid thing to say, I “think” arsenal are the best team in the world, it is not a fact, and may never be. some fans need to realise that just because they are “hardcore” doesn’t mean they have to be stupid at the same time.

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