Unsporting conduct at Headingly

Shame on you De Villiers. Shame on every South African player who saw De V drop a slip catch, scoop it up and claim it as good. That means you, Mark Boucher and you, Graham Smith, the South African captain.

For those not in the know, I have just this minute witnessed Andrew Strauss edge to slips. The ball carried, was dropped and then claimed. This is cheating. It is low and it should result in an apology from the South Africans and a ban for De V. This sort of behavious has to be stamped out or cricket will go the same way as football and plumb the depths of unsporting behaviour in the pursuit of victory.

We all understand genuine errors but this incident was simply indefensible. I repeat. Cheating. Leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

De V, look at yourself. Smith, think about how you skipper your side.

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• July 18th, 2008 • Posted in Cricket • Comments: 0