Darkness can’t hide a dismal finish

So, the ICC World Cup drew to a close on Saturday evening in almost complete darkness. It is somehow fitting in a hugely disappointing tournament, that the showpiece should be shrouded in murk as it reached its… well, actually, climax is too grand a term. How about, erm, last three overs. I mean, really. The Sri Lankans went off for bad light (Bad?? That’s like calling the Sahara ‘dry’) with three overs to go. Aussies celebrate a victory only to be told the final 18 balls must be bowled, perhaps tomorrow. Unbelievable. After much ado about farce, the Sri Lankan batsmen reappeared all but carrying miners’ helmets and carried on, prodding a pointless few runs. Really daft. I cannot see the governing body of any other sport allowing their grand finale to be so utterly shambolic as it finishes.

One good thing, though, at least it won’t have turned any more people off cricket. They all switched channels a long time before…

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• May 1st, 2007 • Posted in Cricket • Comments: 0