Once Walked With Gods – review by Falcata Times

Once Walked With Gods by James Barclay

The latest offering from James and one that brings the War of the Elves and
Mankind directly to the reader’s attention in his own indomitable style. It’s
beautifully written with touches of emotional context richly woven within.
Death, honour, betrayal and double dealing abound within this title and its
clearly a demonstration of James’ talent that he manages it with skill to spare.
But when you tie it all up with his own style of descriptive combat that has
enthralled readers since his Raven days and you have something that readers will
latch upon and love. A great offering from this author and one that I can’t wait
to see how it develops further in future offerings especially a certain battle
mad elf who the readers will most certain vote for as one of their favourite
Barclay characters to date.

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