Site Update & New Two-Book Deal signed

At last, an update to the site…

It’s been a scandalously long time coming but at last James has updated the site. You’ll find new entries in the Bibliography and Biography sections. There’s an extract been added for Shadowheart too.

New two-book deal signed

James has just signed a new deal with Gollancz for two linked fantasy novels. Set in a new world, these will be James’ first novel-length departure from The Raven, who are taking a well-earned rest.

The series is entitled The Ascendants of Estorea and while details about the content are deliberately sketchy at the moment, more will be released anon. The first book is due for publication in July 2005. The signing has also given James the opportunity to take up writing full-time.

Says James: ‘It really came to a “now-or-never” decision but to be fair, it was an easy one to make. The new books are going to demand a massive amount of work if they are to succeed and I’ve other projects on the go as well. I’m very excited at the prospect of full-time writing and a little nervous too. Having been in an office environment since 1987, the transition is going to take some getting used to.’

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