Politician in 'family before career' shock

I don’t often post on political issues as you know but this just makes me seethe. Ruth Kelly, a Labour MP and Cabinet Minister, being lambasted for deciding to send her dyslexic son to a private school where he will get specialist help.

Get out of her life and mind your own damned business.

Here is what we know. We live in a capitalist democracy which provides many things to accommodate the financial situations of the members of our society. Given the funds, we are free to choose which of those we want. The Labour party is not against private schools. Ruth Kelly has the income to afford to send her son to a private school. Her other three children remain in the state system.

Here is what we don’t know. The severity of her son’s dyslexia. Any other learning issues he has. What the professional advice was that she received concerning her son. Whether the local state schools actually can give him the help he needs whatever the quality of their services.

Given these things, in which world is she a hypocrite? She is simply exercising her right to choose and she is not going against her government’s ideology. But much more than that, she is doing what every responsible parent should want to do, and that is trying to get the best for her children. And for that she should be applauded. That attitude should not damage a career, it should enhance one.

I know most people can’t afford private education for their children. Unless my financial circumstances change, neither will I be able to. But I no more have the right to tell Ruth Kelly how to spend her money than she does me and mine. That’s choice, that’s freedom and that is our democracy, isn’t it?

My advice is, stop whining about the priveleges of others and try and better your own situation in whatever legal fashion you can. That’s what I try to do.

Good for you, Ruth Kelly. And good for your children. They have a mother who cares for them more than she does her career and that must make them feel bloody great.

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• January 11th, 2007 • Posted in News • Comments: 0