I have a confession to make

I voted for my X-Factor favourite on Saturday night. And if you wantto know, it was Ben. My wife, Clare, voted for Leona.

Over one and a half million did vote so it is not shocking per se, except if you are aware of my utter loathing for reality and talent shows. So what happened?

Well, it’s quite simple, I watched an audition episode of the show almost by accident. It was at once hysterical, filled with delusional individuals and, just occasionally, with someone who could really, really sing. Like so many, I got drawn in to the whole concept.

Now the reason I enjoy it is because unlike total bilge like, ‘Big Brother’ or ‘I’m a former celebrity desperate for publicity, get me a TV contract’ the X-Factor is actually a show that demands talent, and developing talent too. Yes, there is melodrama with the judges and all that (and actually, I began by disliking Simon Cowell but now see him as the most honest of them. Harsh, but honest. And normally right) but in the end, the singing wins the votes.

Crucially, it is not a contest to see who can eat the most grubs, spiders and then blub and whine pathetically. I have no respect or regard for anyone who ever goes on such shows. Wouldn’t waste my sweat if they were burning in the pits of hell. Which is where they deserve to be, after all.

Anyway, why did I vote? Well, because we’re down to the last few acts and there is some serious talent in danger of going out because of an obvious voting conspiracy regarding one of the remaining acts.

Sorry for those who don’t watch but here it is. The MacDonald Brothers do not deserve to still be in the show. It’s quite simple. Nothing personal but they do not measure up to the ability of any of the acts who have gone out in the last three weeks at least. They are not good enough. They are there, surely, because there is an organised vote each week for them. Nothing to do with ability, everything to do with parochial pride.

So I urge everyone that wants to see a deserving winner… Ben or Leona in my opinion, then vote. Don’t leave it to other people. Don’t trust to hope that the MacDonalds will lose their support. Again, nothing personal but they cannot hold a candle to any of the remaining acts.

X-Factor is a decent show. It is exciting and there is great ability on display. It’s fun and it’s good theatre. If an average act win, it undermines the credibility of the whole show, which would be a shame.

Yes, I am a convert. But to this one alone.

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