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Mysterious Dream - a rather short story

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Joined: 05 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 4:42 pm    Post subject: Mysterious Dream - a rather short story Reply with quote

Okay, this is a short story I created in 15 minutes Wink ...I'm pretty proud of myself Laughing ...I just want to know what other people think of it.. Embarassed Well, here it is:

Boyden woke up in a strange surrounding. There were huge trees, green grasses and bright coloured flowers. A lake was at his feet and the sound of leaves rustling in the wind reached his ears. He wondered if he wasn?t still dreaming. He pinched himself and choked back a cry but nothing happened.

Suddenly, the lake rippled and something came to the surface. Boyden ran for cover, turned at the last minute, threw himself down and peered through the leaves of the colourful bush in front of him. What came out of the lake surprised him. An Elf!
A black-haired Elf in a light blue dress. She wasn?t wet, it seemed as if the water couldn?t touch her. She spread her arms and filled her lungs with the air with the odour of a thousand wild flowers. She opened her eyes and looking about they shone like green jades.
Her laugh was melodious and merry. She walked to the shore, Boyden noted that she didn?t walk through the water but upon it.
She turned around and looked him deep in the eye.

It was a riddle to him how she could?ve known that he was there. He stood up and bowed low, she smiled warmly. Out of the blue, she dashed through the trees. ?Wait!? he ran after her. But she was too swift to overtake and soon he had to stop and catch a breath.
Her laughter resounded through the wood. This made him not wanting to give up and he began to run again. It wasn?t long before he had lost all his sense of direction and he sat down on the soft earth, despairing at last.
Then, all of a sudden, the Elven girl emerged from the trees in a short moss-green dress. Her feet were no longer bare, she wore light shoes as brown as tree bark.
She bowed low and beckoned him. Eventhough Boyden was weary and his feet ached, he felt drawn to her and he stood up. He noticed his feet were no longer aching and he felt strenght in him again. He knew he could run with her effortlessly now.
She laughed and disappeared quickly. ?No, wait!? and again, he ran after her.

At lenght, he came at a huge silver tree. An entrance was cut in its front and he saw little lights shimmering, glinstering and shooting from one place to another. One of those lights landed on his hand, he looked at it and saw that it was not a light. It was a sweet little fairy, her dress and wings silver, her hair golden.
She softly pulled his hand and beckoned him to the entrance. The other fairies assembled and led him through the entrance and to a long corridor.
He was inside the tree now and he could hear a song, it seemed it was sung in the distance. But soon he realised it was the tree itself that was singing.
The walls of the corridor were wooden and it was adorned with flowers in every colour he knew and more. His little fairy friend pushed him further and he stumbled over a root. Boyden could see the ground coming at him when his new friend, who he had named Cayenne, saved him from his fall. ?Thank you?, he said but she already led him to a violet curtain. With other fairies, Cayenne drew the curtain and nodded at him to enter.
Boyden entered a great hall. There stood a golden throne and on it sat the Elven girl in a red long and flowing dress. She wore a golden circlet on her head, set with orange coloured gems.
She stood up and strode towards him. Not knowing whatelse to do, he fell down on one knee and bowed his head. Her footfalls were slow, her tread light.
She extended a hand as he looked up. He took it and soon they stood face to face. He felt he could drown in the jade pools that were her eyes. ?You?ve been following me all the way to my home, stranger. Why is that??
Her voice was soft and pleasant.
?I wanted to learn your name?, Boyden muttered. She smiled, her white teeth were perfect: not too big and not too small. ?None has ever learned my name, it may be a burden, stranger. For humans do not believe in fairytales and myths. And how can you learn the name of someone that does not exists?? ?I do believe in fairytales, I am in one now. I shall tell you my name first: Boyden.? The Elf smiled. ?You have earned my trust by telling your true name. Close your eyes.?

He did as he was told. He felt her hair tickle his face as she leaned forward. Her lips swiftly touched his ear softly. ?Before I tell you my name, take this as a reminder of me and my world,? she spoke in his ear. Her hand opened his and she put something in it. She closed his hand around it.
He didn?t open his eyes and clenched his fist. ?Will you now tell me your name, m?lady?? he asked. It took a while before she spoke again.
?My name is? Amaryllis?, she whispered. Suddenly, Boyden felt a strange wind, pulling him away from his lady. From Amaryllis.

He opened his eyes and gasped. He was in his bed again, at home in his room. His computer still stood on stand-by, his baseball bat leaned against the wall and his skateboard lay on the ground.
He jumped up and saw he was wearing his normal pyjama trousers. His little sister Destry was downstairs, singing along with the radio. His parents probably were still asleep. ?It was all just a dream?, he said to himself and walked to his open window.
He inhaled deeply, smelled the sea and stretched. Then, he noticed he?d clenched his fist around something. He opened his hand and smiled.
A ring was in his hand, set with three little stones as red as a ruby. Now he knew it hadn?t been just a dream.
Now he remembered. He put the ring on his finger and gazed at the blue sea and the blue, cloudless sky. He could hear laughter in the distance.
?Amaryllis??, he whispered.

? MaliVai Devon Tjong Ayong
Our greatest glory is not in never falling, it's in ever rising when we fall - Confusius
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Joined: 07 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 9:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Devon,

Firstly, a warm welcome to the forum. Nice to see a new face... so to speak. Wink

Secondly - nicely done. For fifteen minutes' work, you've managed quite a lot. It's not too original (I wrote similar dream stories at school; come to think of it, we were encouraged to for certain lessons! Very Happy ) but that doesn't really matter since it's a trope most people can identify with: who among us hasn't, at some point, wished something like this would really happen to us? Technically it's not perfect, yet I still grinned while reading it.

Written anything else? I see from your profile you're interested in writing; you're in good company here since many on the forum share your interest. In fact, I'm not sure whether you know or not, but, TK241 is now a published writer. Shocked Go buy his book!! Razz

Right, enough from me. Enjoy!
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Joined: 07 May 2007
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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Heya Devon, how are you? Smile

Yes, there's a trend, apparently. To do with ages and story endings, I mean. I forget the exact ages, but it goes from "it was all a dream", through to "and they all DIED".

Anyway, I enjoyed it for what it was- a good 15 minute story( I suspect it took longer! Razz )

There's a couple of niggles I had with it...mostly how you strung the actions/sentences together....but this bit stuck out the most:

A lake was at his feet

How big does that make this lake sound? Smile
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Joined: 05 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 7:46 am    Post subject: Thanx Reply with quote

Thanx you guys, I feel so welcome!^^ Very Happy Well, it really took my only 15 minutes, bookiemonster Laughing And I'm really pleased with the fact that you have had a couple of niggles...you probably mean giggles Wink And the lake, is really a very big blue lake and not his " water " Laughing

And Drizzt, I'm happy that you grinned while reading it and I'm also very glad of your warm welcome Very Happy And yes, I have written other stories...though they are rather long and I haven't been able to finish them, since I've only got the weekend to work in...and usually less than a few hours..because of my loads of homework...

What kind of story should I post next: A story about assassins, a story about a group of fighters (yes, James and the Raven inspired me Embarassed ) or a complete new story I've just created: McClusky's Alley...about a group of teenages who run a pub...

You tell me Wink
Our greatest glory is not in never falling, it's in ever rising when we fall - Confusius
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Joined: 07 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 8:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tell you what, post either the one about the assassins or the group of fighters. I say this because a few people from the forum have recently been to workshops hosted by James regarding things such as fight scenes; nice opportunity to put new-found knowledge to work! Razz

If you're after a full critique, unless someone else can do it (*looks at bookie*) then that may take a little while as over the next two weeks I'm moving house, thus for the next fortnight I'll be a howling, snarling demon fighting wardrobes and cupboards and boxes and curtains and beds....
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Joined: 05 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 4:39 pm    Post subject: Assassins Reply with quote

Well here it is...though it's not finished...enjoy Embarassed Wink

1. Odd companionship

With his dagger in his hand, he sought a way through the bushes. He squatted and watched his victim. General Pramis wasn?t far away. ?Nathani?l, you?ve found yourself a rich one?, he said to himself. He changed into a better position and grinned. He lifted his right arm, the blade of the kunai pointed at Pramis. A few seconds passed. Nathani?l felt sweat dripping of his forehead. He only had one chance, one chance to kill him. Any sudden movements would put Pramis on guard. He just needed one well-aimed throw. That?s all. Slowly, he put his hand in position; just a few seconds and Pramis would be dead.
He braced himself. With full speed, he brought his hand forward. ?I wouldn?t do that if I were you.? Immediately, his hand jerked back. He looked up. The voice came from behind. Vaguely, he saw a silhouette among the trees. Quickly, Nathani?l stood up. He put himself in a fighting stance and reached for his other weapons. ?Don?t even try?, the mysterious man said. The accent sounded a little melodious and higher than most male voices. Nathani?l just gripped his dagger tighter and lowered his other hand. ?Who are you?? he said.

The man came closer and in the light of the fading sun, Nathani?l saw his hands. The man wore gloves, but the fingers of the gloves were ripped apart. The fingers of the mysterious man were slim, but covered with dried blood. The man wore a dark green cloak, just like Nathani?l. But his hood covered his face in shadow. The cloak was old, it was obvious it had been ripped apart many times and the colour was dull, but it was well repaired. He could see every stitch. But the most impressive things about the person were the black boots. They shone as if they were polished. ?Who are you?? Nathani?l asked again.
?My name is none of your business. Neither is Pramis.? Nathani?l frowned. ?What do you mean?? The mysterious man came even closer. Nathani?l could have sworn he saw an evil sparkle of cold eyes. ?He?s mine.? Before he could do anything, the man took his bow and an arrow and shot Pramis. Feeling helpless, Nathani?l looked at the general, as he fell down without a sound. He gasped as the man walked to the corpse. ?Oi!? screamed Nathani?l as the man sat down to examine the corpse. Nathani?l ran after him. ?This one?s mine?, he said.
The man looked up. Nathani?l saw two cold, green eyes. A sudden gust of wind blew off the hood. In front of him, Nathani?l saw a person who only existed in myths. The person in front of him was an Elf, a female Elf. Her ears were pointy and her black hair hovered in the wind. Nathani?l couldn?t believe his eyes. ?You?re an Elf?, he said with awe. But what happened next, surprised him. The Elf knocked him down. He didn?t expect her to be so strong. He fell on the ground and lost conscious for a couple of seconds. He stood up, quickly. ?What-?, before he could finish, the Elf hit him at his jaw. Nathani?l felt his jaw go numb. He fell on the ground again. The Elf turned her back to him. That made him angry. Silently, he stood up and pulled his dagger. The Elf, Kaelin, grinned and turned around just in time to stop his hand. But suddenly, she frowned. She was bleeding!
The dagger was four inches away from her left hand, because she?d stopped the boy, but blood trickled on the ground.
She looked at her hand closely and saw to her surprise that her blood didn?t just fall down, it spiralled down something invisible. She narrowed her eyes and they turned crimson red. Now she could see a blue-ish glow all around the dagger which turned into a spike that was longer than the blade of the dagger. Magic. She grinned. This boy could become a worthy opponent one day but not now. This was just too easy.
She pushed her hand even further, so the spike went even deeper and came out on the other side of her hand. She cared not about pain, she was used to it. Nathani?l looked at the Elf in shock. Before he could recover, she grabbed his throat and heaved him from the ground. As he fought to breathe, the dagger fell out of his hand. ?Foolish little boy, haven?t your parents taught you to never defy an Elf? You should count yourself blessed, for I?m not that heartless that I would choke you. I will just behead you?, with those words, she threw him on the ground.
He tried to get up but he wasn?t quick enough and he soon found himself on his back, held to the ground by one of her boots, staring at the tip of her knife which rested on his throat.

?Well, Nathani?l?this is it?, he said to himself. Unable to look death in the eye, he closed his eyes. But nothing happened. At length, he dared to open his eyes and saw that the Elf wasn?t even looking at him.
She held her head a little crooked as if listening. Nathani?l listened as well but he heard nothing. He freed himself, grabbed his dagger and stood up but she wasn?t that concentrated that she didn?t notice him, and her knife instantly moved towards his neck. She looked at him. He pointed his dagger towards her when he heard thunderous battle cries.
They both looked up.
The guards of general Pramis had discovered they had failed to protect their master and they didn?t care if the Elf and man where the assassins, they just wanted to kill them in their frustration and anger. Nathani?l looked at Kaelin, smiled and said: ?I guess I?ll see you later?, he turned around and jumped up, disappearing into thin air.
Kaelin sighed.
?How troublesome?, she muttered as she became one with the shadows of the trees.

Kaelin had set up her camp, feeling weary but also pleased with herself. After all, she did kill Pramis and that was the reason she came here. ?Though, I could?ve done it better if that assassin boy hadn?t interfered.?
She stretched and yawned. ?He was really troublesome?, she said as she grabbed a cooking pot.
?Well, this is not the time for thinking. I?ve got better things to do right now?, she said while she walked to the nearby lake. As she filled her pot with water, she dimly saw a reflection of something. She looked better while she put the pot down. It was the assassin boy again, high up in the trees.
He was trying to hide himself, but Kaelin?s sharp eyes had caught the flicker of his kunai. Concealing the fact she had seen him, Kaelin took her water bottle out of her pocket and refilled it. Then, she sat down on her knees and pretended to drink the cool water of lake, though she was gazing at Nathani?l?s reflection closely.
?I?ve got her!? Nathani?l thought when his kunai left his hand. The kunai rushed towards the Elf soundless. But then, as the kunai nearly hit her, she stretched her arm and caught it without a flinch. ?That?s not very polite of you, boy. Where I come from we show ourselves before attacking a foe and if the foe has no weapon, we offer them a sword?, she said turning around and looking up. Nathani?l looked at her, startled.
?She?s standing there looking at ease, while I just tried to kill her! And how did she know where I was?? he said to himself. His eyes narrowed and he jumped out of the tree. He landed safely and put himself in a fighting stance. But the Elf didn?t move and sighed. ?You should practice your hiding skills better lad. You were very visible up there?, she said crossing her arms. Nathani?l sniffed but didn?t move.
?Are you going to tell me how long you have been spying on me? Or do I have to cut it out of you?? she said with a nod to his kunai which she was still holding.

?I?ve been spying on you since we left the fight?, Nathani?l said. Her eyes widened but then narrowed again. Nathani?l suddenly realized why she had asked that. She had taken a bath in the lake straight away and had not yet known Nathani?l was spying on her. ?Yes, I?ve seen everything. But don?t worry, I saw it from the back?, he said grinning. Unwillingly, his memories came into his mind. He felt again that connection at the fight.
And also the surprise and shame he felt when he looked at her beautiful naked back. The Elf looked at him, wrath flamed in her eyes. She was about to do something but then turned away and picked up her cooking pot and water bottle.
She went back to her camp, leaving Nathani?l behind, confused. Curious as he was, Nathani?l followed her. He saw her skin two rabbits with angrily. It was obvious she was angry, but why she didn?t attack him was an unsolved riddle to him. Suddenly, she hung her head and sighed.
?What do you want?? she said. Her voice revealed she was annoyed. ?I want my kunai back?, Nathani?l said when he came out of the bushes.
She threw his kunai to him, which he could barely catch. ?Thank you?, he said. She didn?t answer but got a fire going and hung the pot above the fire.
She cut the rabbits into pieces, threw them into the boiling water, sprinkled some salt and herbs over it and looked up. ?Don?t you have somewhere to go?? she asked. Nathani?l smiled. ?No?, he said. She sighed annoyed and stood up. ?Well, let?s just pretend you have to go somewhere, okay? Goodbye?, she said. But Nathani?l didn?t move. ?What is it that you want?? screamed the Elf in frustration. ?To know your name?, Nathani?l said. She frowned. ?Why?? she said. ?Because I think if we work together we?ll make a wonderful team?, he said, surprised those words had left his mouth against his will.
A knowing grin came upon her face.
?Really now? But who said I want to be your team mate? You?re human and that alone means you?re too weak to be on my team, if I had one. I work on my own. I?m a one man team?, the Elf said, while she checked her stew. ?Too weak? I could have killed you back there!? Nathani?l said furiously. The Elf chuckled quietly. ?Do you really think that, human? Haven?t you heard the stories about Elves? I didn?t try my best at our fight, I went easy on you. Elves have the power of seven hardy men, you know? And I also have a hidden power, more powerful than any man, immortal or no?, she said. Nathani?l grew angry.
?I?m not just some man, Elf. I am an assassin, educated in magic. I?m not so easily to defeat.? The Elf smiled. ?Kaelin?, she said. ?What?? Nathani?l said puzzled.

?Kaelin, that?s my name. You have persuaded me, human. But don?t get in my way or I might forget you?re my companion and turn against you?, she added. This wasn?t to the liking of Nathani?l but he didn?t say anything about it. ?My name is Nathani?l?, he said instead. ?Oh?, was the only thing Kaelin said as she turned to her stew again.
?Don?t expect me to share this broth with you, human, find your own food. Just because we?re companions doesn?t mean we?re friends?, Kaelin said eating her stew.
?And while we?re a team, you?ll follow my lead. I?m the leader or there?ll be no team at all?, she continued. Nathani?l sighed but nodded in agreement. He didn?t feel like quarrelling at the moment. He searched his pockets and found some dumplings he had left. They were dry but they only tasted a little worse than usual. He looked at Kaelin eating her broth and felt very hungry. His stomach complained but Kaelin acted like she hadn?t heard and continued to eat her broth.
Nathani?l?s eyes followed every sup. Kaelin looked at him and frowned. ?What?? Nathani?l looked away. ?Nothing.? Kaelin had finished and put her cooking pot away. She drank a little water and started to climb a huge tree. ?What are you doing?? Nathani?l asked. ?I?m going to sleep in this tree?, Kaelin simply said. Nathani?l looked up, to him the grassy ground looked far more comfortable.
?The ground looks more comfortable?, he said. Kaelin smiled. ?I know, but I don?t trust you.? Nathani?l shook his head. ?Well, you do as you please. I?m sleeping on the ground. Unlike you, I do trust my companions?, he said rolling himself in his blanket.

?That?s not something I would recommend, simply because of the fact that your precious companion thought about killing you in a fight before. But don?t let my words stop you. I guess it?s always better to trust anyone than to distrust everyone?, Kaelin said scornfully.
?Anyway, I?m off to sleep?, she added. ?Goodnight?, Nathani?l said. There came no answer.

The next day Nathani?l woke up as he felt something wet against his nose. He opened his eyes and saw what had woken him up. A wild boar. Quickly, he sat up and crawled away. He had crawled against a tree trunk and couldn?t back away more. The boar ran to him, probably enraged by Nathani?l?s sudden movements.
Nathani?l couldn?t do anything but lift his arms and protect himself. Hoofs thundered and the earth shook as the bull attacked. Unable to control himself, Nathani?l cried out. Suddenly, a shriek sounded and something heavy hit the ground hard. Wearily he looked through the gap between his arms. The boar lay on the ground, with an arrow through his throat.
?I forgot to tell you something yesterday: sleeping on the ground may be comfortable but it is tremendously dangerous, considering the wild animals?, it sounded from above. Nathani?l looked up, seeing Kaelin caressing her bow.
?Thank you for the warning?, Nathani?l said sarcastically. ?You?re welcome?, Kaelin said as she jumped out of the tree she?d been sleeping in. ?And you may repay this deed of courtesy by using the boar for breakfast which you are making?, she said smirking. Nathani?l mumbled something and stood up.
Kaelin disappeared in the forest. ?Now where?s she off to?? Nathani?l said to himself. He shrugged and prepared breakfast. He had just finished and was praising himself for his work when Kaelin came back. Her hair was wet and she seemed refreshed. She had probably taken a bath. ?Breakfast?s ready?? was the only thing she said. Nathani?l nodded. ?But there are no plates in my bags. Do you have plates, glasses or cups?? he asked her. She nodded and went through her own luggage, giving him two wooden plates and two cups. She, then, lifted her cloak and Nathani?l saw she was holding fruit.
?One cannot survive on meat alone?, she said while she gave him a handful of apples, peaches and berries.
?Where did you find this?? Nathani?l asked amazed. ?In the forest?, Kaelin said not willing to reveal this little secret. Nathani?l shook his head but smiled. ?Now go and make something out of it. And you can make tea with the water in my water bottle. You may use everything, we can refill it when we?re moving again?, she said leaving the meal to him. She sat down against the tree trunk at ease and looked at him preparing breakfast. She heard him mutter and groan.
????why do I let her boss me around? Who does she think she is? Does she even know who I am? I am the great Nathani?l, child of the mountains! ???? Hearing this made her smile. ?Why were you there?? asked Kaelin unexpectedly. ?What?? Nathani?l stopped working and turned around. ?Why were you trying to kill Pramis?? Kaelin said. ?I could ask you the same thing?, Nathani?l said as he handed over a plate.
She took it and he sat down across her. He gave her a cup and smiled. ?Yes, you could. But I asked first?, Kaelin answered.
She took a bite out of a peach and Nathani?l saw her white teeth. ?I was there, because I had to do my job?, he said. ?My employer paid me in advance and told me to make sure Pramis would never speak again. He wanted me to see him dead.? Kaelin grinned. ?So you?re a thief?? she said.
?No, I?m not! Not exactly? I just told you I had an employer who paid me?, Nathani?l said angrily. ?Yes, but you didn?t kill Pramis. I did.? Nathani?l smirked. ?Yes, but I did see him dead, didn?t I? So basically, I did what I was told to do?, Nathani?l said. ?Aye, that?s one way to look at it?, Kaelin replied. They ate in silence. ?Why were you there?? Nathani?l asked. Kaelin sighed. ?I?d talked to a few peasants who worked for Pramis. And it turned out he didn?t treat them very well, badly in fact. As a good assassin I decided to kill him and free them of his evil. And I succeeded?, she said.
?There?s no such thing as a good assassin?, Nathani?l said. ?Of course there is!? Kaelin said. ?No, you assassinate people and you get paid to perform an assassination. I don?t think God would think that is good.? ?I don?t really care for your so called God and besides I don?t work for money. I work alone, I?m my own boss and if someone wanted to hire me, they couldn?t. There?s only one thing I want and nobody but me can give me that?, Kaelin mysteriously said. Curiously, Nathani?l looked at her.
As she was sitting there, with her back against the tree trunk, her black hair resting on her shoulders and her green eyes shining, she was the most beautiful person he knew and he wondered what it was she wanted. It seemed to him like she had it all.
?And what would that be?? he asked. She glared at him, which made a shiver run down his spine. ?That?s none of your business!? she stood up and walked away.

So the boy has pushed your sensitive button, Kaelin?
Be silent! I don?t need you to ruin my day! Be gone!
Well, well, well?it seems he pushed your sensitive button indeed.
Askari, I?m warning you demon?
What can you do? Will you scratch your eyes out to get to me? I?m in your body, in your head?
I?ll stab myself?if you don?t shut up.
No you won?t, you love life too much. But I?ll be nice for once. Be gone you said, and gone I?ll be.
Annoying as hell...
?Kaelin? Is everything alright?? she heard Nathani?l say. She was leaning against a tree, she had been so concentrated on the conversation she had with Askari, she couldn?t stand on her legs anymore and she had to lean against something. Kaelin looked back, Nathani?l was looking at her with a worried expression on his face. ?I?m fine!? she said. ?You?d better pack , we?re going?, she added. She strode to her luggage and swung her bag on her back. ?Okay?, Nathani?l slowly said thinking of the glassy-eyes look in her eyes just seconds before. They packed and were soon ready to leave.

They had been walking for hours in silence. Kaelin had cast her hood over her face, she needed time to think. Nathani?l was playing with the thought of saying something but he didn?t want to anger Kaelin, he had no doubt she would kill him without hesitation if she found him annoying. He returned his thoughts to the disquieting feeling he had felt an hour ago. It had felt like a cold wet finger running down his spine. Nathani?l, who trusted his magical talents, knew what that meant. Someone was following them.
He looked at Kaelin and wondered if he should tell her. She didn?t gave him the impression she felt it too. He decided this had to be told and took a deep breath. ?Kaelin?? his whisper sounded like the soft voice of a petrified infant. She held her head a little crooked as if she heard something that wasn?t important enough to look at. ?I feel there?s someone following u-? ?Yea, I know?, the voice of the Elf sounded like the rustling wind. Nathani?l was surprised to hear her say that.
?Six men and two women. They?re all armed but their weapons are of bad quality. They?ve also got a horse and wagon, that?s probably where their children are. They are planning to rob us.? ?How do you know that?? Nathani?l asked.

He knew the answer instantly. A few hours ago Kaelin had told him to stop and she?d disappeared for a while. ?Probably needs to piss?, he had said to himself that time. But now he knew she had already known about the pursuit and had observed the pursuers. She really was amazing! She had known it hours before he did. ?So, what do we do?? he whispered. As he started to get to know Kaelin, he knew she already had a plan. He was right. ?Look to your feet, human?, Kaelin said. Nathani?l frowned but did as he was told. Suddenly he saw the vague signs of a path, the path was straight and led to? to what? He couldn?t see.
?This path?whither does it lead?? Nathani?l asked. Kaelin turned her head and looked him in the eye. Her eyes had a mischievous twinkle and she grinned naughty. ?Mortals Death.? As soon as those two words were spoken, Nathani?l shivered. Mortals Death was a wasteland and many mortals have died trying to cross it. It?s said the wasteland was cursed and no mortal could survive. ?Hearing you holding your breath, I assume you?ve heard of it?, Kaelin?s voice sounded a little derisive. ?Remind me of the last verses?, she continued. Nathani?l didn?t want to speak the words but he felt he had no choice. ?Doomed, cursed. Ghosts dance upon the graves. If you go there you?ll breathe your last breath. For at that place mortals only awaits death??, he softly chanted. Kaelin snorted.
?Humans are so superstitious. A rumour is told and they immediately believe it.? ?So, the tales of Mortals Death aren?t true?? Nathani?l said. ?Of course not! Ghosts dance upon the graves? Come on, don?t tell me you believed it?? Nathani?l didn?t answer and felt ashamed that he had believed those stories. Kaelin noticed his shame and pitied him. It wasn?t her intention to make fun of him.

?The name was just a reminder of a great battle fought there. The victors thought themselves immortal and renamed that place?, she said as to comfort him. ?And it isn?t really a wasteland. It?s just a huge open space in the wood, nothing grows there because there has been a bonfire. The trees refuse to grow there because of the massacre. They honour the place. No man has ever set foot upon that holy ground ever since the bonfire consumed the corpses.?
You?ve always found old battles intriguing, haven?t you Askari?
She was immediately aware of his presence.
Old battles? No. Only the old massacres are fascinating.
Are you only interested in death, damn villain?
Death?s my element, honey? that?s what moves me.
I guess it would be better for you to be death. So why don?t you die?
Die, sweetheart? No, if I?m dead I can?t torture you anymore, I couldn?t kill anymore.
You?re not the one who does all the killing!
Am I not? When your eyes turn red, isn?t it me who wields your weapons?
Shut up?all you ever did was ruining my life!
Did I? I?m sorry, I thought I saved your bloody life from emperor Namor! But if you have no gratitude, I?ll bother you no more!
You do that!

Nathani?l looked at Kaelin who, again, had that glassy-eyed look in her eyes. ?Why are you staring at me?? she suddenly asked, her sharp eyes fixed on him. ?No reason, I?m just wondering what we?re going to do?, Nathani?l lied. ?I think the ghosts will be dancing upon graves indeed. The graves of our pursuers?, Kaelin said mysteriously. Puzzled, Nathani?l looked at her. She beckoned him to where she stood. Hastily, he walked to her. She cast her hood back and grinned. ?This is what we?re going to do.? She leaned in, and whispered her plan in his ears. As she finished, Nathani?l also had a grin on his face. Quickly, they started to make arrangements.

2. Mortals Death

?Give me my money!? screamed Kaelin drawing one of her knives. ?Your money? Last I checked it was my money!? Nathani?l shouted in return. They were at Mortals Death, it was almost noon and the sun shone bright. ?I said: give me my money!? Kaelin screamed pointing the knive towards Nathani?l. ?Over my dead body!? Nathani?l yelled. ?That can be arranged?, Kaelin?s eyes grew cold as ice. ?Just give me the money and I won?t hurt you?, she added. ?Hurt me? Are you insane, woman? I don?t know why I even accepted your company! Probably because of your beautiful bo-? Nathani?l got interrupted when Kaelin hit him in the face. ?You?re going to pay for that!? he said. They both threw their bags on the ground and prepared themselves for a fight. They didn?t seem to notice the six men who were watching them from the bushes. ?Lucky! They?re fighting!? one of the men said.
?Hush! Or do I have to put my foot somewhere where the sun doesn?t shine?? an angry voice said. ?Sorry, Chadwick. I got too enthusiastic?, the apology sounded. Chadwick was the chief of their little raiding group and older than most men. When he had seen the two lone wanderers, he knew they would be an easy target. He had called for his men to get ready and they have been watching them ever since. ?Perth, are you sure about that big bag of money?? he asked. Perth was still a youngster, but he had proven himself in battle many times. He was the ears and eyes of their group. ?Yes. Besides, you can hear them arguing about the money from here.? ?Hm?let?s wait for the perfect moment?, Chadwick said.

Meanwhile, Nathani?l had thrown a pouch full of money aside. ?Can?t fight with money swinging this way and that.? Both Nathani?l and Kaelin sheathed their weapons. They would fight this battle bare-handed. Kaelin was the first to move. She ran towards Nathani?l and jumped on top of him.
Before he could recovered from the surprise attack she sat on top of him. She raised her fist and brought it down with a lot of speed and strength. Nathani?l moved his head to prevent his face to be hit. Swiftly, he rolled on top of Kaelin, holding her hands above her head. She wriggled to get loose but he held her firmly. Unexpectedly, Kaelin grinned and gave him a head but. Dazzled by the pain in his head, he felt her movements too late. Kaelin placed her feet against his stomach and kicked him off her. Nathani?l fell on his back and groaned.
?You know what? I give up! The money?s all yours?, he said while he got up. Gasping for breath, he ran from Mortals Death into the wood. Chadwick knew the time had come. ?Now!? he said. Kaelin picked up the pouch and weighed it in her hand. She put it away and drew one of her knives. She knew they were coming. Kaelin turned around and faced the men. Six men, young and old, fat and skinny. ?They aren?t even worth my time?, she said to herself.
You want me to finish them off?
No, I can handle them...wait, I thought we weren?t talking anymore.
You?re right! We aren?t.

?Good day milord. Why are you and your group at such a place as this?? Kaelin said. The words had the right effect and the men looked around. Gasps, sighs, and cries were heard. ?Mortals Death! Chadwick, we should go back!? one of the younger ones shouted. Kaelin rolled her eyes. ?Shut up Arland! What did I say about telling strangers my name?? an old man said. She knew he had to be the leader. ?Every fool knows all the rumours about Mortals Death are just nonsense and come forth from superstition!? he added. Kaelin began to like the man. She found it a shame she had to kill him. ?Please milady. Just give us your money and we won?t hurt you?, he looked at Kaelin. She snorted.
?Don?t get us wrong, we?ve seen you fighting and you?re pretty good. But I think our numbers are an advantage to us?, a tall, lean boy said. He looked no older than seventeen. ?Oh really? That?s funny, I thought I was at an advantage?, Kaelin said. ?Please milady. Don?t joke about this?, the boy said. Kaelin smiled her most warm smile and saw him blush. He quickly turned away. ?Perth! Don?t turn away! Face her like a man?, Chadwick said. The boy who was called Perth slowly turned around, his head was lobster red. Kaelin winked. She loved to play with little boys like him.
?That?s enough milady! Give us your money?, Chadwick screamed. ?No?, Kaelin said. All the men looked at her as if she was insane. ?What did she say?? Arland asked. ?I said no?, Kaelin slowly said. The poor boy probably had difficulty understanding the meaning of simple words. Kaelin shook her head, and her pointy ears were revealed. ?See? I?m at an advantage?, she explained. The men?s eyes widened and they looked at their leader. He just nodded and they charged. This was the moment Kaelin had been waiting for.

She drew her other knive and impaled the first man who came close enough. Quickly she turned around and dodged an attack from the boy called Arland. He fell forward and his chin came in contact with her knee. She could hear his teeth clashing upon each other.
?That?s must have hurt?, she said. She decided she would not let him suffer any longer and cut of his head. His blood poured out of the wound and dripped on her pants. ?Okay, now I?m angry?, she said to herself as she saw the stain. That would not go out so easily. Suddenly, a kunai flew from the bushes and hit a man in his chest. Many followed, each hitting their target flawlessly. Nathani?l sprang from the bushes. ?What the hell took you so long?? Kaelin said grinning.
?You?re missing all the fun!? Nathani?l immediately charged at the first man he spotted. It was Chadwick. But suddenly a man jumped in front of him and took the blow which wasn?t meant for him. It was Perth. Kaelin looked around. There weren?t many men left, Nathani?l could manage all of them. ?Human, take the old man and the others. That wounded boy is mine!? she screamed. Confused Nathani?l looked at her, then he shrugged and did as he was told. The fight continued while Kaelin slowly walked to the wounded boy.
He lay on the ground, choking in his own blood. Nathani?l?s kunai had opened his throat, she could see his veins. Kaelin sat down on her knees and held the boy?s head close. She knew he was dying and wanted to ease his passing.
She never had any problem with killing or seeing people get killed but this was different. Never, not once, had a boy jumped in front of someone and taken the blow. And now, Perth had done so.
Without knowing why Kaelin hated Chadwick for it. It was him who made them charge, who didn?t turn back when he had the chance, who sacrificed his men for his own profit. And people like Perth had to pay the price for it.
Perth opened his eyes and sobbed once. It was clear he thought she was going to kill him. Kaelin put her index and middle finger on his lips to prevent him from speaking. ?I?m not going to hurt you, Perth. I?m here to guide you to Heaven?, she said.
He blinked a few times and tried to speak. She shook her head. ?Don?t speak. You?ll make it harder for yourself.? He ignored her advise and kept on trying. ?I?I never?saw?a woman as?beautiful as you. All?I ask?is??? His body suddenly tensed and he cried out. Kaelin held him closer. ?Please, don?t speak. You?re not obligated to say something, just let it go?, she said. He shook his head. ?All?I?ask??is one??kiss?, he said gasping in pain at every word. Shocked, Kaelin looked him in the eye. This boy, Perth, who was on the edge of dying asked for a kiss? She looked at him again and suddenly smiled.

He probably had never kissed a woman and wanted to do so before he died. ?Alright?, Kaelin said. Perth looked surprised but happy. Kaelin leaned in and gave him a deep sweet kiss. It felt like it was going on forever.
Unexpectedly, Perth smiled tenderly. Then he died, in her arms with a smile upon his face. Kaelin closed his eyes, kissed his forehead and stood up. She had forgotten all about the battle as a dagger came her way. She didn?t know if it was aimed at her, honestly, she didn?t even care. She dodged the dagger effortlessly and looked back.
The dagger struck the soft earth. Kaelin walked towards it and yanked it free. She searched for other weapons, but found none. Suddenly, the sound of the battle reached her ears. She saw Nathani?l finish of the last robber. Chadwick, was all she could think. Chadwick. Quickly, she ran to the nearest body. It wasn?t his. The second body wasn?t Chadwick either. The third body lay on the ground, facing the earth.
She used her foot to roll it over and grinned. It was Chadwick, and he was alive. He was panting heavily, he was short of breath. His eyes widened as he recognized her. He tried to speak, to beg for his life. ??How does that feel, Chadwick? All your men killed, yourself being on the very edge of death? Facing an angry enemy? You must be scared right now?, Kaelin said. Chadwick didn?t say a word. ?You know, Perth suffered horribly from the cut my companion gave him. Nathani?l cut his throat, you could see his veins. Perth died choking in his own blood, but still happily. And you know why? Because he knew I would kill you.?
Kaelin lied but didn?t care. Chadwick seemed to panic and tried to move away from her. Before he could, Kaelin tossed the dagger upwards, caught the handle and slammed the dagger into his chest. Right through his heart. He gasped one more time, then his eyes turned upwards and he died.

After the fight, Nathani?l found Kaelin standing and staring at the body in front of her. Softly, he approached her. ?Did you kill them all?? she asked, her eyes still upon Chadwick?s body. ?Yeah, every single one of them. Are you???
?Let?s go!? Kaelin began to walk to the trees when suddenly they heard loud noises. They turned around.
A horse appeared, swiftly followed by a wagon full children and guarded by two women. One woman, who seemed to be the leader of the group, sat straight up and looked at the horrible scene in front of her. Her eyes shifted from the bodies to Kaelin and Nathani?l. Her hand went to her swordhilt, fear was in her eyes. Nathani?l thought she was very brave and looked at Kaelin. She nodded. ?You, woman!? she said.
The woman looked at Kaelin in surprise, she thought she would be killed immediately. ?What is your name?? Kaelin asked. ?My name?? the woman said puzzled. ?Yes, you do have a name, don?t you?? Kaelin frowned.
The woman nodded. ?My name is Ainsley?, she answered softly. ?Ainsley, is it? Well, are you the leader of that bunch behind you?? Ainsley nodded again. ?What are their names? Introduce them to me?, Kaelin ordered. Nathani?l frowned. What was Kaelin up to? Ainsley beckoned the others, they jumped out of the wagon. ?This is Grear, Laird, Alliance, Ciannait and Fionn,? she pointed to the children, ?And this is Saraid, my first born.? The other woman bowed low.
?My name is Kaelin and this is Nathani?l. Your men attacked us. They?ve paid the price. Now, you wouldn?t be as ignorant as them and attack us, would you?? They shook their heads. ?Good, because I would hate to kill good people like you. Give me the pouch, human.? Nathani?l looked at Kaelin in shock. ?But-? ?Give me the pouch!? He did as he was told to do and gave her the pouch full of gold. Kaelin took one golden coin. Nathani?l thought she would give them the coin but she tossed it to him instead. She handed the pouch to Grear and smiled. ?Kaelin, what??? ?Shut up, they?ll need this more than we do. We can get money easily, you?re a thief right?? she said teasingly. She nodded to the women and children in front of her. ?Use this wisely. Now go!? They obeyed immediately and soon the sound of wheels rolling could be heard. ?That was very generous of you, Kaelin?, Nathani?l said. ?Generous? Why, yes?it was. Now let?s go!?

Kaelin and Nathani?l had been walking for only two hours when Nathani?l announced he couldn?t go any further. Kaelin sighed. ?Humans are so weak. We?ve been walking for only seven hours.? ?Without any halts!? Nathani?l said. ?Yes, without any halts. But that?s nothing compared to the amount of hours I could have walked if I wasn?t stuck with you.? ?Well, you are stuck
with me. And I ask you to stop and pause for a few minutes.? Kaelin sighed again. ?You?ve got five minutes.? Nathani?l sat down and took his water bottle out of his pack.
You?ve handled the situation exactly how I would?ve done it, love.
Did I just hear someone talking? Hn?I guess not.
Oh, you?re ignoring me? Well, good luck trying.
Kaelin shook her head annoyed and sat down. She found a small branch and used it to draw in the dirt.
She drew large plains, mountains huge and tall, little winding rivers and trees, many trees. She wasn?t paying attention to what she was doing and when she finally looked at her drawing, her eyes widened.
Nathani?l saw her staring and sat down next to her.
It seemed like she didn?t even noticed him, she just kept staring at her rough sketch. ?Where is that? I?ve never seen a place like that before?, he said. Startled, she looked up.
As he repeated his question, she shook her head and rubbed out her sketch. ?It?s nothing?, she stood up. ?Let?s go, human.?
?How many times do I have to remind you that the name is Nathani?l?? Nathani?l sighed as he stood up. Kaelin rolled her eyes. ?And how many times do I have to remind you that I don?t care?? she said.
Nathani?l growled and crossed his arms. ?I won?t take anothers step, if you don?t start calling me Nathani?l?, he said.
Kaelin just grinned and said: ?Start walking, I?m warning you only once.? Nathani?l frowned and shook his head. ?I won?t. You know my terms.? He inhaled deeply and his hands went to his kunai, just in case. But before he even reached his weapons, he was thrown backwards.

He landed on his back and looked up. Kaelin still stood where she had been standing a couple of seconds ago, her hand stretched in front of her. It was glowing brightly and he recognized it as magic.
As his breath came easier, he stood up, panting a litle. He noted her eyes were crimson and it scared him. Slowly, she walked towards him. As she reached him, she extended a hand. Nathani?l closed his eyes, he wanted to huddle up in fear. ?Now, why don?t you start walking?, the soft whisper reached his ears and he opened his eyes.
The first thing he saw was Kaelin?s hand on his shoulder. Then he saw her facial expression, it was threatening, menacing. Her hand was like an iron claw and her nails pierced his skin. Her eyes turned to a darker shade of crimson and they narrowed slightly.
?No?, he said with an effort. ?I refuse to move until you start calling me Nathani?l!? his voice strengthened a little.
Kaelin grinned. ?I?ll call you whatever I want. And if I remember correctly; you were the one who insisted we?d work together, so you shouldn?t complain. Now move?, her grin disappeared. Nathani?l shook his head. ?I?ve named my terms!? ?And I?ve rejected them!? her grip tightened and Nathani?l choked back an exclamation. She clenched a fist and he gathered by the angle of her hand, that he?d have to block and protect his stomach.
But it was too late.

Out of the blue, Kaelin hit him at his jaw and he fell backwards. ?But that?s impossible! You aimed at my stomach!? he screamed as he hit the ground. His jaw went numb. ?No, I didn?t?, Kaelin simply stated.
?I saw your fist, I saw the angle!? he gasped, unable to move his jaw the way he wanted.
?You thought you saw my fist?silly little boy, you have a lot to learn about magic still. Now, get up!? she seized him. Nathani?l wouldn?t give in so easily and went limp.
He weighed as heavy as a corpse and he dragged her arm down. ?Have it your way?, Kaelin hauled him over the ground as she continued her way, whistling as if he didn?t way more than a bale of straw.

That night, Kaelin and Nathani?l sat round the fire in silence.
Why didn?t you just walk away when you had the chance?
If we?d part ways, I wouldn?t be able to use him anymore.
Ah, that?s my girl!
I?m not your girl, I?m only your reluctant container?you?d do well to remember that!
Whatever you say, dear.
Nathani?l chewed carefully on his piece of rabbit, tears in the corners of his eyes as stabs of pain shot through his jaw. A few hours before he had examined it as Kaelin went to hunt, and the examination confirmed what he already knew. It was broken.
Kaelin had smirked as he?d called her names and had only said: ?I warned you.?
Nathani?l looked up and saw that Kaelin was observing him. ?What are you looking at?? he muttered, face twitching as his jaw protested.
?Nothing important?, Kaelin grinned.
Our greatest glory is not in never falling, it's in ever rising when we fall - Confusius
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Just a quick hello and welcome to Bookie and Devon. Good to see some new people posting, long may it continue Laughing

I shall come back and read it all properly when I have the time to do it justice Very Happy

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Thanks Lizzy^^ I hop you'll enjoy it Very Happy
Our greatest glory is not in never falling, it's in ever rising when we fall - Confusius
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