FA ‘makes approach’ for Mourinho

Oh, Blimey. Look, everyone. He’s a decent coach, blah blah blah and that he has been approached is not at all surprising if it is true. But read further down the piece. The England job, it says, is not his first choice. That’s what we want for our national side, is it? A coach who’s eye will be forever on La Liga just in case a more attractive job turns up? It says absolutely everything about the commitment we would get from Jose right now. Let him play with Real Madrid. Now there is a cauldron. If he can succeed there, then yes, get him in to coach England if he would then be 100% commited. But not now, or we’ll end up replacing a totally committed coach who was not good enough with a good enough coach not totally committed.

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• December 7th, 2007 • Posted in Football • Comments: 0