Ponting fury at time-wasting

Hmm interesting one this. Click here.

for the full article. In summary, Ponting was sour graping about England sending on physio and 12th man close to the end of play. I thought it was not the best move but all the overs were bowled and getting messages on to the pitch is utterly legit and the Aussies do it too.

What gets me is Ponting whining on about them playing within the rules. This is the same Ponting who practically exploded when his claim to have cuaght Collingwood bat pad was turned down. The ball missed the bat by inches. It was not even close. He would have known that. he watched the ball all the way from Collingwood’s pad into his hand. Greenhouses and stones, Ponting.

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• July 13th, 2009 • Posted in Cricket • Comments: 0