Chronicles of The Raven review

Joe Sherry oDawnthief by James Barclayn his blog has reviewed the Chronicles of The Raven trilogy in a single (not that long) post. It’s a really well thought out piece. And worthy of your attention.  

Check it out here

Thanks Joe, for taking the time to write the piece.

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US Elfsorrow Review – The Elitists strike again

Elitist Book Reviews have reviewed the US version of Elfsorrow (published by Pyr books in November this year). It’s another great review…

Somehow Barclay’s novels get better and better. All of you UK readers already know this–yeah we are jealous. These novels aren’t just romps through the countryside anymore. There are deeper issues involved and explored. Simply put, you need to be reading James Barclay.

Click here for the full review.

Great stuff, thanks guys.

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Elfsorrow on ‘Best Of 2010′ list

This is completely brilliant. Library Journal has produced its 2010 list of best genre fiction and Elfsorrow is right there at the top. For the full story and links and stuff, head over to Lou Anders’ blog here.

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The Raven available on Kindle

Right, for those leading the digital reading revolution, or whatever the Kindle represents (my wife haas one and they are really very good. Brilliant for holiday reading if you want to avoid excess baggage), The Raven books are making their way onto this downloadable format. So far, Dawnthief and Noonshade are available, clicke either title for the link to amazon. Nightchid should follow shortly and I’ll post the link when it does.

Happy downloading folks!

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New interview on Grinding To Valhalla

Just when you thought it was safe, I’ve been interviewed again. This one has a distinct gaming angle, you’ll find. If you’ve got a few minutes, whyt not give it a shot…click here.

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US Noonshade review by Elitist Book Reviews. Love them.

Well, as you can possibly guess, the latest review for Noonshade is rather lovely so I thought I’d link it from here for you. But first, a wee quote:

Multiple plots are detailed and woven together in an incredible fashion. The story yanked us along and we loved every minute of it–all the way up to, and including, the satisfying conclusion. At this time we would like to remind you all that this is, in fact, the second book of a trilogy. So let us repeat this. There is a satisfying conclusion. Let there be much rejoicing in the land!

Told you these boys knew exactly what they are talking about. Go read the whole thing here.

And if you haven’t done so, it really is worth bookmarking the site. Not just for me (though clearly that is reason in itself) but because they are delivering fine interviews from good authors and reviewing a healthy number of books and doing it really well.

Like I say. Love them.

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US Dawnthief reviews still coming in…

OK folks, another. And another goodie. Find Cindy Hannikman’s full review for Fantasy Book Critic here but in the meantime, here’s a quote…

“Dawnthief is everything a fan of epic sword and sorcery fantasy could want. It has great battle scenes, realistic characters, and a great plot line that keeps readers wanting to read on until the end.”

Love that sort of stuff.

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Another US review for Dawnthief

So far so good… excellent fantasy book reviewer, Jeff C, had this to say:

“First off, I thought Dawnthief was fan-freaking-tastic! If you don’t count the KJ Parker novella, this is my second top 5 of 2009 caliber book in a row.”

But you really need to read the whole review. It can be found here.

It’s the sort of review that makes you blush. There’s a mention for that Abercrombie fella in there too. Apparently, I am like him, only cleaner. I can but agree. Joe doesn’t shave nearly enough.

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US Reviews for Dawnthief

With Dawnthief just on the shelves, the reviews are starting to come in.

RT Book Reviews gave Dawnthief Four Stars, rating it a ‘compelling page turner’

“Barclay writes an action-driven story that draws the reader along. The dialogue is witty and modern. You can’t help but get caught up in this fast-paced and humor-leavened tale; it’s a thoroughly fun read from beginning to end.”

And the excellent Elitist Book Reviews blog said:
“We want you to picture a collaborative dream in which Gemmell and George R.R. Martin worked together. You have the intense, fast-paced, heroic action of Gemmell mixed with the brutal tone that Martin is famous for. Sound awesome? It should, and that is exactly the type of novel Barclay gives us with DAWNTHIEF.”

Read the whole review here and then bookmark them for future reference because they clearly know EXACTLY what they are talking about.

More reviews as they happen but in the meantime, tell all your US domiciled friends and family to go buy, buy, BUY!

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Dawnthief hits US bookshelves

Well, it’s finally happened. Courtesy of Lou Anders and Pyr Books, The Raven are finally available in their own US edition. Dawnthief is out now (on Amazon at least), Noonshade will follow in October and Nightchild in November.


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