Elves News: Rise of the TaiGethen delivered

The second book in the Elves trilogy, Rise of the TaiGethen, has been delivered to Gollancz. This book moves the story on about a hundred and fifty years following the events of ‘Once Walked With Gods’ with Calaius under the brutal occupation of man.

We’re still hoping to meet the delivery date of September 2011 but of course, that depends just a little on how well the book is received by my editor, Gillian. Clearly I am expecting the merest whiff of red pen upon the manuscript but you just never know…

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’ve attached a picture of the cover art by Dave Rapoza. It’s absolutely bloody brilliant and I’m really looking forward to seeing it dominating the shelves of all good bookstores.

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Pyr Books Round Table

I’m part of the inaugural Pyr books (my US publisher) round table blog with the splendid Mark Chadbourn and the equally splendid Jasper Kent. The result is a really interesting one, pointing out very ably, the different ways authors approach their work. Good stuff.

Take a peek:

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An interview with, well, me actually

If you fancy even more information about me (and I can think of no reason why you wouldn’t, by the way) then a visit to Elitist Books will give you a few happy minutes of entertainment and a smiley picture.

Don’t delay, click here today.

That is the last rhyme I shall do for some time. Possibly forever.

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Shadowheart review

So, here it is, the Elitist Books review of the US edition of Shadowheart. That makes it sound really different from the UK version but of course, all the words are the same. Ahem. The cover though, that’s different and it’s another storming effort from Raymond Swanland (and just you wait for the covers of the last two books… oh my).

As you all know by now, Elitist Books know EXACTLY what they’re talking about. Here’s a quick excerpt for you:

SHADOWHEART is a full, full novel. Barclay does a fantastic job of showing how betrayed The Raven feel throughout everything. No matter what they do, or how many they save, they are still hunted for the power they hold and represent.

The goodness that is the full review can be found right here. Read, enjoy and then race out/to the PC and buy your copy and get everyone you know to do likewise (that includes the 768 best mates you’ve got on Facebook). Bloody hell, am I funny or what?

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Shadowheart released in the US – first review here

Shadowheart, the 2nd book in The Legends of The Raven series has been released by Pyr Books in the US. Clearly, you should all head out and buy it immediately. But don’t just take my word that it’s awesome… read The Library Journal’s Review:

Barclay, James. Shadowheart. Pyr: Prometheus. (Legends of the Raven, Bk. 2). Dec. 2010. c.398p. ISBN 9781616142506. pap. $17. FANTASY
The elite mercenaries of the Raven go from heroes to fugitives when one of their number is condemned to death. In the meantime, a war that pits the four magical colleges against one another leaves the lands of western Balaia vulnerable to attacks from their enemies to the east. The sequel to Elfsorrow delivers more action-packed fantasy adventure with a deeper focus on the characters’ interpersonal relations. Barclay’s talent for depicting the carnage and frenzy of war gives his battle scenes a realism that brings home both the horrors experienced and the courage of its participants.

VERDICT Military fantasy of the highest quality informs this powerful novel, which will appeal to fans of Glen Cook’s classic “Black Company” novels.

See? Oh, and it’s got another magnificent piece of Raymond Swanland cover art. The man is a true legend. Buy, read and tell your friends to do likewise.

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Chronicles of The Raven review

Joe Sherry oDawnthief by James Barclayn his blog has reviewed the Chronicles of The Raven trilogy in a single (not that long) post. It’s a really well thought out piece. And worthy of your attention.  

Check it out here

Thanks Joe, for taking the time to write the piece.

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US Elfsorrow Review – The Elitists strike again

Elitist Book Reviews have reviewed the US version of Elfsorrow (published by Pyr books in November this year). It’s another great review…

Somehow Barclay’s novels get better and better. All of you UK readers already know this–yeah we are jealous. These novels aren’t just romps through the countryside anymore. There are deeper issues involved and explored. Simply put, you need to be reading James Barclay.

Click here for the full review.

Great stuff, thanks guys.

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Elfsorrow on ‘Best Of 2010′ list

This is completely brilliant. Library Journal has produced its 2010 list of best genre fiction and Elfsorrow is right there at the top. For the full story and links and stuff, head over to Lou Anders’ blog here.

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US Elfsorrow review – the first of many?

To mark the fact that my copies of the Pyr edition of Elfsorrow have just arrived (and boy, is it a beautiful looking book, the first with the stunning artwork of Raymond Swanland) here is a luvverly review to whet your apetites:

Elfsorrow (Legends of the Raven 1) 

“LOTR fans take note! James Barclay’s newest addition…has all you could possibly want in a tantalizing epic adventure…Mr. Barclay’s characterization is above the norm, with countless different peoples and races, heroes and bad guys that will all remain in the reader’s mind for a long time after. And his creative, technical magic is part fantasy, part Sci-Fi mix, bringing his world-rules to vivid life. If you’re looking for a unique, hard action, deeply plotted Sci-Fi/Fantasy epic then you owe it to yourself to read the first in this new series. You will cheer right along with the Raven heroes, find yourself caught up in the battles, and not want to put the book down until you’re finished!”

​-Night Owl Reviews, October 2010

Thank you, Night Owl. So, what are you waiting for, head over here and buy your copy (or of course, choose your favourite bookshop or online store…). And don’t forget to let me know what you think so long as it’s absolutely overwhelmingly positive.

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James conducting fantasy masterclass at Spread The Word event

James is holding a fantasy masterclass as part of a Spread The Word event in London on Saturday, November 20th. The masterclass will focus on writing fight scenes and involve attendees writing their own skirmish. If time allows, there’ll be a Q&A and a look at other areas like magic systems and world-building. Take a look here for more details. It’s a full day and other master classes deal with genre fiction from horror to romance to historical to sci-fi.

To any who come along, it’ll be great to see you. Please pass the info on to others who might want to attend.

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